The Stalking of #Hillsborough Survivor Groups – Part 1: The Holborn Gang

Part 1: The Holborn Gang

This is the first in a small series of blogpages I’ll dedicate to the heinous actions of a team headed-up by Robert Ambridge, aka @Holbornlolz


After 27 years of lies and smears, the victims of the Hillsborough disaster were properly and justly described as being unlawfully killed.
The survivors of that day, and those killed during the horrific event, were also finally proven not to have contributed to the tragedy.
The disgusting actions of The S#n and South Yorkshire Police are now thrown in the spotlight, surely soon to be better explained.

Over the last 27 years, with The S#n’s fullest support, the SYP did what they could to wriggle out of any blame, while they denied the truth and ducked responsibility for what happened.

These are now unassailable facts.


Who stalked the JFT96 Support Groups?

While the S#n and SYP wriggled, smeared and deflected, ‘out of the blue’ appeared a team of disruptors who started to infiltrate Hillsborough support groups, going on to groom and later stalk the people gathered there.
A gang determined to engage in sickening acts.

I’m going to call them the Holborn gang.

My current interest in this gang, is what they are doing now, why they’re doing it, and who they’re doing it for
..and that’s what this series of blogpages is going to try to answer.

As far back as 2005, it started with Bob ‘Old Holborn’ Ambridge going online and perpetuating the party-line of The S#n and the SYP; attacking the memories of the 96, their relatives, and the whole of Liverpool.
The gang leader, Bob, was to be joined by Darren Duckworth and then later by James Noel Haydon.

Together, they have stalked and invaded the lives of many people connected with trying to find justice for the those men women and children who were unlawfully killed in the Hillsborough Stadium

Even now, this dedicated team stalk twitter as @Holbornlolz, @Dafta420, @LollzCatz, and @9outof10catz – among other accounts; some of them shared.
One account, @his_mental_case – an attack-account, has so far been almost fully described in another post, here.

The police did, and continue to do, nothing conclusive about the grooming, stalking, and abuse; despite the complaints of many people.

All facts.

Some points to remember:

  • Even now, this gang defies prosecution by the police, despite many obvious and detailed infractions of the law
  • They quite happily ‘did the dirty work’ on social media, as if they were working for a newspaper, in fact  – The S#n itself, no less.
  • They have access to technical support a thriving detective agency, or a local newspaper, would die for – with a well-documented ability to acquire information normally denied to the public.
  • They collectively target the same people with the same slurs
  • They, and their associates are the only people to perpetuate very specific disgusting assertions made against the same people.
  • They always follow each other
  • They are the only people to target the same people, as did the now ousted, not to mention prosecuted, James ‘Jimmy’ Jones

Again, all unassailable facts.

It’s important to remember what this gang tried to destroy the debate surrounding the Hillsborough tragedy..
..and it’s important to examine why they did it, and where they are ‘practicing’ now.

It’s all part of the truth – the truth this gang tried to smother and supress with the sheer weight of abuse they collectively threw at people who just wanted the truth of the Hillsborough disaster pulled out of the mire; a mire that suited the aims of a collusion of government, press, and police.

Thanks to the actions of the brave few, public opinion is now fully behind the search for truth; in time more facts will become plain.
Of this, it’s certain.

In the light of recent revelations as to police/press collusion, I and many others hope this gang is now soon going have their apparent immunity stripped from them, so they may FINALLY be prosecuted.

And so starts the ending.



The #Stalking of #Hillsborough Survivor Groups Part 3: Where is the #HolbornGang Now?


Part 1 and 2 of this series here and here
Analysis of a current twitter sock account, @his_mental_case, here.

*Please scroll to the end of this post for a recap on who the members of the Holborn gang are.

‘Where is the Holborn gang now?’
– a very good question; a necessary question, too, given the capacity this gang has for mental cruelty and harassment – as evidenced by their actions against individuals and groups concerned with trying to find Justice For The 96 people that were unlawfully killed during tragic events at Hillsborough stadium in 1989.

They had most of their followers believing the evil stories that were circulated about the Liverpool fans after the disaster – stories that were a manifestation of the media, police, and government’s collaboration; an uneven yet well-worn alliance that in this instance sought to benefit from the shifting of the blame.

While generating stories for a flagging readership, and settling scores at the same time, suited a certain antipodean mogul – for the police, just avoiding prosecution was impetus enough to be part of the conspiracy.
As for the benefit to the government, it’ll take more than the sham of another Leveson inquiry to get to the bottom of why so much of it seems to be controlled from Australia.

With the full weight of The Establishment behind them, the expectation of such a prolific and ‘successful’ gang of online-abusers, would be for them to just carry on what they seem to ‘do best’.
After all, on their own, they’ve had an exponential effect on the opinions of anyone who swallowed their regional racism; the minds of millions of people online have been subverted.

But their infiltration was inevitably found out; the Holborns were gradually reduced to ineffectually, and shamelessly, carping about their hatred of Liverpool – their worst efforts even now still scooped up and flung at the people who stood up to and destroyed their campaign of fear and intimidation.

The gang were ‘busted’, insofar as being able to groom and infiltrate their now-inoculated main target.

This may shed some light on why they have now hopped like fleas to the VIP-CSA debate.

The group this veritable infestation has now descended on this time, is one concerned about a series of cover-ups as regards rich powerful people abusing vulnerable kids.
The VIP-CSA debate; a singular debate, which on the face of it is prone to being parasitized by outside influences.
Due to fractionalisation within the debate though, there has been no wide-spread inoculation against further infractions by an exploitative gang.

So here we have it, a group ripe and ready for exploitation and subversive control.
Fractured and intense; the debate had no defence against any organised gang that fancied dabbling in it to suit their own ends – a lack of defence despite said debate having already been similarly targeted very recently in the past.

The Holborn gang’s activities within the VIP-CSA debate started long before they showed their hands there as a group. Haydon was already in the midst of the debate, having been injected into both the #McCann and VIP-CSA debates years before via his now-proven links to Poulton.


Invited in
They say that when Britain was invaded by the Romans, they were invited in by aspirational tribes motivated by hanging onto power and getting more.

In their turn the Holborns appeared within the VIP-CSA debate when they started interacting with Rory Wilmer (who at the time was using @RAW_PRAHA as his main account), whose father, Graham Wilmer (MBE) started The Lantern Project.

Graham Wilmer (MBE) was at the time already subject to questions about the LP, both as regards the veracity of the UTD treatment used by LP, and as regards statements made by some of its ‘former’ clients, about their recollections of being abused by VIP’s as children, to press and police.

As stated above, Haydon had already been ushered into the debate some time before, with him by then being well-known within the #McCann debate (see block at the end of this post for more about him).
Behind him came Duckworth and the sock accounts..very soon, the attacks on specific targets started – something I’ve commented on here.

While the Wilmers continued to attack Andi Lavery and Ian McFadyen on twitter, the Holborns concentrated on so-called ‘easy’ targets, handed to them by the so-called team outlaw.
In brief explanation, ‘team outlaw’ was headed-up by James ‘Jimmy’ Jones, a person who likes to be called ‘the outlaw’. He was recently prosecuted for online abuse.
At the time of appearance of the Holborns alongside the Wilmers, Jones was using the account @daveyrhondda – interactions between him and Rory, here.

As an aside, there are lots of similarities between Jones’ gang, and the Holborn’s; they share the same hierarchical structure, same methods, same kinds of sock accounts, and the same reticence by the police to take action.
..almost as if they were both pushed out of the same mould, you could say – something definitely to be explored in future posts.


That, briefly, is how the Holborns shouldered their way into the VIP CSA debate on twitter.

Since their appearance, they have protected the interests of the Wilmers..
..again, the subject of future posts.

Please join me again soon, for the next part of this series.


Just to recap who the Holborns are:

The gang:
(in greater detail, here)

*James Haydon, aka @challengegovuk/@9outof10catz/etc.
Known as a mole, an infiltrator and a greaser of wheels.
Mr Haydon shares his workload between Sonia Poulton and Bob, and has done for almost four years; a firm indication that he is heavily committed to the efforts of both.
His fingers to be found in many pies; as such, he is something of a lynchpin to several investigations of which he is the focus.
There is little more to say about this person, save that his dual-loyalty to both Ambridge and Poulton cannot be stressed enough, due to the impact this fact has on the greater picture.

*Darren Duckworth, aka @Dafta420.
Tellingly perhaps, he has had dozens of previous variations of this account, all based on some variation of ‘dafta’, or on ducks in general, sans the ‘420’
– which is a recent addition that most likely has some connection to a previous phone number of mine.
Duckworth is of use to the gang as ‘interference’ to aim at any of the targets that challenge their abusers.
With constant vicious comments, this man has over time proved to be made of many abusive layers, all of which he vocally justifies with a feral self-perpetuating logic; insights he uses to mirror to his targets..a one-sided dialogue littered through with Freudian admissions.

*Robert Ambridge – aka @Holbornlolz
Bob is very well-known in several spheres within social media.
Robert ‘@Holbornlolz’ Ambridge has changed little; still publicly appealing to a low common denominator with his foam-flecked anti-Liverpool stance, all the while trying to build a more ‘respectable’ profile.
The fact is, try as he might to hide it, Bob used information gleaned by the other members of his gang.

His hands were never clean and never will be.
Even now, he consistently follows the three characters above, among many other unsavoury characters – tellingly, one such being James ‘Jimmy’ Jones.

*Peripheral support –
Disposable sock-accounts are shared by the gang, and perform a dual role for the Holborns; primarily as part of a greater strategy to intimidate and silence targets –
using the weight and frequency of interactions among the gang to help weave the impression, for the casual onlooker, that the projected lies and slurs have some legitimacy.
In its other role, the sock-account provides a means for the ‘less involved’ Holborns to assist in the attacks on targets.
Notable sock accounts:
@his_mental_case is a prime example of this kind of account, explained in greater detail, here.
These accounts often have a derivative of catz, katz, lolz, Cumbria, etc. in the name; the current ‘catz’ account being @LollzKatz.

This group have a unique characteristic, they all follow each other on twitter; most-likely a way for them to put two fingers up to anyone who call their ‘Libertarian’ stance out as the vehement tirade it actually is –  a subverted Libertarianism, a flimsy shield that they try to hide their collective regional racism and stalking violations behind.



The Real Troll Exposure Blog – The Persistent Thorn in the Side


This is a short post about the investigative blog, the Real Troll Exposure, which I’ll be referencing often.

For some time now, the RTE has been busy exposing the heinous actions of a small group of individuals.
A gang.

This veritable ‘gang’ of individuals, has consistently shown a propensity for invading people’s lives, and indeed entire debates, then doing their utmost to violate and destroy them; all done with a running commentary of bile from the ring leader, to an audience of 25,000 people who should know better.

I’ve decided to refer to these people as the Holborn gang, as an earlier moniker I attached to them, the Holborneers, made them sound too cuddly somehow.
They’re a gang, and should be described as what they are.

With only a handful of members, this gang tried to work its way like a cancer through the Hillsborough debate.
As an entity, all are betrayed as a close organisation due to the close interaction of them all.
They are defined by the following criterion:
*They share information among each other
*They support each other
*They all follow each other slavishly
*Only this gang perpetuate the slurs they pass back and forth

How they did it:

*Bob ‘Holborn’ Ambridge keeping up the conditioning of his ‘followers’ via the use of ‘humour’ and ‘free speech’, keeping his audience hating Liverpool and disbelieving the truth of who was to blame on that horrific day.
*Followed by Darren ‘Dafta’ Duckworth, the person who gets all the ‘dirty jobs’.
It’s him who spends the most time using anything available to intimidate and harass the gang’s targets.
*The Johnny-come-lately, James ‘9outof10catz’ Haydon.
The new boy; he was injected into operations and quickly infiltrated Hillsborough survivor groups.
He is the gang’s liaison with Sonia Poulton, having been her cameraman, and having helped participate in Poulton’s ultimately-unsuccessful incursion into the McCann debate on twitter/Facebook.
*peripheral accounts are used to legitimise the slights and slurs levelled at targets on the main accounts, via the batting back and forth of the lies, via discussion between the peripheral accounts and the main account.
Peripheral accounts are often shared, as has been admitted by the gang, and are apparently disposable.
I’ve anatomised an example of such an account, posted here.
There are some indications that the shared accounts are also used by a female.
eht admitting it is a group account

Over hundreds of posts and reference pages, the RTE has taken it’s readers, step by step, into the detail of who this gang are, where they came from, what they did, and what they are doing now.
They harried the Hillsborough debate, now doing the same, using the same behaviour and coordinated techniques, to the critics of specific media-related organisations; often using highly specific lies that seem to have been ‘inherited’ from another, now largely defunct, gang – the leader of which was (finally) prosecuted for online-abuse.

It is important for us now, and for future generations, that the RTE keeps memorialising this thread of evidence running through the actions and behaviours of a handful of people who have consistently shown themselves to be capable of great harm, and of breath-taking disregard for human suffering.

If it wasn’t for RTE, not to mention other individuals, then the Holborn gang would be able to dictate their version of the truth at leisure.
Instead, the gang now watch the clock and wait for the inevitable – their exploits exposed to the world.

In time to come, the RTE will be fully recognised as the hero it is; treading as it does where concerned news agencies and even the police seem to fear to go.

On  a personal note, it is largely because of the RTE that I was able to try and make my own thoughts clear on the subject of the Holborn Gang, as the references and evidence on the RTE were invaluable, and remain an excellent source of material.
I can only applaud the RTE, and the great work there, and I can only thank the blogger from the bottom of my heart.

At present, for reasons that will become clear in the due course of time, I am trying to distil some of the great work amassed at RTE, starting with the first in a short series:
The Stalking of #Hillsborough Survivor Groups – Part 1: The Holborn Gang


As time goes by, I know many many more will join me in thanking RTE for helping to safeguard our future.


@His_mental_case – The Holborn gang’s troll-model

This article is written with the intention of high-lighting the twitter account
as a model to help describe the current activities of the Holborn gang.
It will also be used as a point of reference in a mini-series (starting here) dedicated to the current status of what amounts to a cancer liable to strike any group or debate.

This gang once concerned itself almost solely with buoying up the opinion of The S#n and the South Yorkshire Police, in so far as trying to divert the blame onto the fans themselves for the deaths of the 96 people who were unlawfully killed while watching a football match at the Hillsborough stadium in 1989.

As is finally now made clear after an enquiry, the reasons for the loss of all those lives were solely due to poor facilities and bad policing; the police action on the day even impacting on the effectiveness of the ambulance service.
The behaviour of the newspapers leading up to the disaster was bad enough, some would say, them having made much money from both pandering and adding to the semi-mythological ‘football hooligan’ phenomena of the mid-80’s, but the actions of those same newspapers afterwards was to have a much worse bearing on the fight for justice.

The papers were waiting, cocked and ready; ready for any aftermath of increased violence ..waiting for the inevitable sales that were bound to follow.
Even as the reports of terrace violence were chased-after and inflated for the ever-more shocked people of the newspaper-reading, 9 o’clock news-watching, UK, some newspaper titles were already rubbing their hands indecently.

And there we have the Holborn gang, whipping it all along since 2005.
In effect, whatever the actions or inactions of police, press, stadium managers, or ambulance service, this gang gathered behind Robert ‘Old Holborn’ Ambridge were instrumental in perpetuating the lies about the disaster.

Their part in the harrying of the grieving city of Liverpool will never be forgotten.

Anatomy of an attack account

The Holborn gang is very well known to use psychological warfare, known widely as ‘psyops’ techniques. This is a series of methods intended to debilitate and control a target.
Playing the sound of screaming horses louder than a jet, to force entrenched occupants to evacuate a building, is an extremely blunt expression of the principle; whereas the procedures used by the Holborn gang, though more adapted to social media, are no less effective.

Psyops have been written of widely, and just about any situation can be ‘covered’ by a book or a process already hammered-out by authors, advertisers and stalkers alike, all widely-available after just a quick search; including a good few books and blogs that describe the use of psyops on twitter.

In short, anyone who can read, and use the internet, can learn to be a highly-abusive individual within a very short space of time, should they be inclined to do so.
It doesn’t take intelligence to be a stalker or an online-abuser, it just needs the protagonist to be deaf to the plight of their victims.

In the case of the @his_ account, the psychological pressure it exerts on the targets is more along the lines of a sophisticated ‘gas lighting’ operation; described in great detail here, with the adaption suitable for social media written of succinctly here.

To summarise the way this technique is used: a method is employed to get the attention of the target, being sure to establish communications going both ways:
his 1 57pm 22 apr 16 723495829957423104

The attack account will then soon change tack, becoming hostile and offensive:
his 2 56pm 22 apr 16 723510747435831296

..eventually making a comment intended to outrage the  target so much, that the target is then compelled to look at the full timeline of the attack account:
his 3 13pm 22 apr 16 723515159138951168

(I only include this last picture as it includes an effective refutation of the worst outright lie this account publicly made against me.
I don’t normally repeat the words of my enemies that are levelled against me, as it were, but the above screenshot is too much of an exemplary proof of my point, to leave out of this post.)

Having ‘hooked’ the target, the attack account will then stop communicating with the now-victim. The victim, having human responses, will almost inevitably want to visit the twitter timeline of the protagonist.

Whether it’s to make a report to twitter, or to take screen shots for the police, or just to find out what kind of person would say such things, the target is then further victimised when presented with the full scale of abuse resident on the time line of the attack account:

This situation is made many times worse if the target in any way tries to defend themselves legally, as even if they wish to make a report about the matter to the police or twitter, the victim is forced to find and present ‘offensive’ tweets to be reported.
As such, almost without fail, the only option currently open to ordinary people who have been victimised in such a way, is to personally monitor the attack account for further instances.
With bitter irony, the target is now in the position of being forced to further expose themselves to even more targeted abuse, with the account holder of the attack account being able to sit back and tweet blind attacks at random – knowing their victim is compelled to watch if they want to keep memorialising the abuse.

Stop for a second, if you will, and think about that.
Imagine the quandary; the dilemma for the person who would wish this tirade against themselves and others to end.
Imagine the mental anguish of the person, the victim, controlled by circumstance, necessity, and by these attack accounts – with what amounts to psychological torture.

Where do you go?

Twitter ‘support’?
An automated service, populated more by algorithms than real people; deaf to the honest individual, yet often itself used as a method of attack – prone as it is to malicious prompting, if the way through the arbitrary maze is known well enough, or if there are enough numbers, unwittingly prompted, to themselves report a matter that’s been believably, if spuriously, raised.

The police? Again, a service prone to ‘odd’ actions..
..or lack of any action at all:

  • In all the years of their documented and abusive activities, the Holborn gang has never seen action by the police that went past a gentle chiding.
    This may have something to do with their S#n newspaper connections; the same newspaper that led the charge to silence the mourning seekers of justice after the Hillsborough disaster – the same newspaper of which it may now be said, post-Leveson, that it is almost certain that forthcoming investigations will find further evidence of collusion between press and police.
  • Legitimate complaints to police regarding a certain CSA service have gone awry.
    Perhaps something to do with ‘intimate’ links of their own in the police force?
    Maybe because entropy has insinuated itself into the police?
  • It took three years to finally bring James ‘Jimmy’ Jones to any kind of account, for his unrelenting campaign against a small handful of people within the CSA debate on twitter; a debate he and his own team managed to stymie and fracture before he was finally recognised as an unrelenting stalker – removed almost entirely from the CSA debate on twitter before being prosecuted in court.
    For 3 years, reports about him to the police stopped at Wrexham Police station and seemed to go no further, while Jones was moved ‘for his own safety’ to several other homes.
    For his actions, he got a small fine; whilst the person who had brought him to court found himself thrown in a cell for contempt.

Looking at the police involvement so far, against the originators of the account @his_mental_case, and others, you can see why so many people are disheartened by a system that allows the guilty to wander around social media like a slavering pack of unrestrained dogs.

So, such is one account able to cast a light on an entire gang.
Just by examining one instance of one of their attack accounts, not only are many of the tortuous methods explained, but almost the entire infrastructure of the Holborn gang is also exposed.

The last damning evidence, and most revealing piece of the puzzle, is the penchant this gang has for slavishly following each other.
Here are the followers of @his_mental_case,
and here are the accounts it follows.

Who follows, and who is followed, is not normally so damning, but the Holborn gang take it to a different level.

I’ll document all fully at a later point, in the near future.

The Stalking of #Hillsborough Survivor Groups – Pt 2: The Accounting

The Stalking of #Hillsborough Survivor Groups – Pt 2: The Accounting

Part 2: The Accounting

Throughout their presence on twitter, the Holborn gang have used tailored accounts to aid in their attacks on good people; people who’s overriding concern has ever been the search for justice for the 96 people who were unlawfully killed while trying to watch a football match at Hillsborough stadium, 15 April 1989.
(a link to the Wiki describing the disaster, here)

Lately though, for almost a year, this gang has also targeted critics of @exaroNews, Sonia Poulton, and the Lantern Project, for reasons that are becoming increasingly clear, day by day.

With the current presence of this gang on the VIP CSA debate being a complete anomaly, it is easy to isolate and virtually extract them from the new environment they have tried to embed themselves in.

With their actions highlighted, and their extraction from the debate well-progressed, it can now properly be asked what their motivation was, and why they decided to change their tack – it can even be explored who ‘invited’ them into the debate in the first place.

As said above, things are becoming clearer by the day, with a young lady only very recently coming forward to recount that she was offered the job of ‘press officer’ for South Yorkshire Police; to press on their behalf the version of events as has been adhered to by the South Yorkshire police, elements of the press, and by the Holborn gang:

Hillsborough inquests: South Yorkshire police ‘spin’ evidence:
A former South Yorkshire Police press officer claimed she was asked to “spin” news during the Hillsborough inquests, the BBC can reveal.”
~ Hayley Court,
“It was so wholly unethical, I couldn’t be part of it anymore.”


..it is no leap of the imagination to wonder what other concerned organisations might appreciate a ‘spokesman’, particularly a vocal one with a team, working for them on social media.

With fundamental trails and links having so far indicated dark dealings at NewsCorp and an internet-based news outlet, perhaps the spoor will even lead to a weathered antipodean dingo, still snarling over his losses and slipping control.

This post will go some way to explain who this Holborn gang is, and will be a reference-point for a miniseries dedicated to the Holborn gang, and their connections – first part here.

I have written this post with the benefit of some personal online experience with these characters; some much more than others, but much more than I would have wished in any case.


The hierarchy:

There’s always a leader in a gang – sometimes just a puppet figurehead – but always someone with an air of enigma and the esoteric.
As often as not, such gangs have an inner circle surrounding the leader; it both being an object of attainment, dangled to spur the hangers-on, and a grace to fall from for the losers of infrequent power plays within the gang.

Stalking troll-gangs with, shall we say, a ‘dedicated’ agenda, always have a hierarchical ‘leader’, replete with attendant henchmen and hangers-on – these last being the worker ants of theses organisations.
The leader has invariably built up a large following, and has a reputation that the rest of the team will strive to protect.
With the help of these, and sock-accounts, the ‘leader’ always stays clean, and is always careful to avoid being overtly-connected to the actions of the rest of the gang at large; always free, that is, until time and evidence inevitably catches up with them – something former leader of ‘Team Outlaw’, James ‘Jimmy’ Jones, found out in court..
..perhaps a lesson he needs to be re-taught, going by all accounts.


The leader:

Robert ‘@Holbornlolz’ Ambridge:
This chap is well known for his stated hatred for Liverpool, as well as his liking for self-promotion.
I’ve blogged about him before, here, and to tell the truth, I was far too kind.
I gave him the chance to explain why his team was currently targeting the VIP CSA debate on twitter, but he decided instead to deny the facts and continue his implicit support for possibly the worst stalkers in the UK.
After Bob finished saying nothing, the abuses and smears against me and other targets, from said team, increased ten-fold.
Bob is indelibly linked to Darren Duckworth and James Haydon (below).
Digging his hole, while disputing facts surrounding the findings of the Hillsborough Inquiry.
He used the death of the child, Jamie Bulger, to attack Liverpool; thoughtlessly and maliciously using intimate details of the little-lad’s death to do so.

I don’t think I need comment about him beyond that.


The Henchmen:

@9outof10Catz.. @challengegovuk.. @afterthelie, etc, etc:
James Noel Haydon:
Considering he only seems to have appeared in the Holborn gang less than four years ago, there is much already said about this chap; myself commenting on his actions in other posts.
Supplanting Darren Duckworth, (below), he’s the chief henchman to Bob, while sparing time for Sonia Poulton on the highly compromised, yet lucrative, ‘anti’ side of the #McCann debate; filling various roles for Poulton and her own team,  even as a cameraman.

Here’s a comment I was sent about Mr Haydon,

“..live tweeting throughout Brenda Leyland’s inquest, a self proclaimed ‘mercenary’ brought in by brand HiDeHo to help ‘deal with’ dissent on their page. James romanced the ladies, bragging of his IT prowess, as someone who could trace an IP address from a Facebook profile, and took charge of any ‘difficult’ situation, acting as the liason between trolls and the coroner, in the Leyland inquest, and personally stepping in to ‘talk down’ another troll, suicidal after she was featured in the uk press, advising everyone else to back off, as he was dealing with it. Used @AfterTheLie and @ChallengeGovUk on #McCann.
James Haydon believes Paul McCartney is dead, and everything since 1966 has been a lie..
..this lunatic has millions of forums and pages and blogs and videos all with this HiDeHo brand..

He is also on record, as it were, for infiltrating a Hillsborough support group; the members of the support group then being subjected to stalking and serious online abuse.
Mr Haydon holds grudges, and has an especial reserve of hatred for the people that exposed him as an infiltrator.
He attacks his targets with the help of his ‘9outof10’ hate-blog.
This person is very high-up on the chain of command in the gang, and now seems to be second only to the leader.
Hiding behind the protected @9outof10catz account to continue his attacks on critics of @exaroNews, Lantern Project and @reflectionsUK3, while using @afterthelie to make comment primarily on the #McCann tag, and sporadically protecting his multi-functioning @challengegovuk account.
He was memorialised offering earrings to an underage girl on Facebook. Twice.


@Dafta420..@dafta_420..with 30 other suspended accounts:
Darren Duckworth:
With him by now being rendered a two-dimensional caricature, by the unceasing aggression and vehemence he has littered his many suspended accounts with, this person has undeniably become a danger to himself and others.
Having once been primed and readied to take most of the coming backlash, Duckworth was vital to the ‘survival’ of every other member of the gang, except himself of course, but lately his indelicate touch and constant outbursts have detracted from his usefulness – making him something of a liability.

I have written about him before, on other parts of this blog.

His only real communication now being with the rest of the gang, Duckworth will entreat constantly, to largely unresponsive followers, that he has ‘skills’ that make him able to pour an unceasing stream of vitriol on his ‘enemies’ – although this blogger would contend that these elucidations and sickening bragging of his are more likely due to the projections of mental instability and/or the prolonged results of a bad case of E. coli infection.

A quandary hangs over Duckworth – is he a victim of his own psychosis, unable to see he’s being set up and used..will he ever catch up with events, and realise yet that he’s actually been relegated, by the presence and influence of Haydon, to the status of an out-of-the-loop stooge?
Due to the way the gang now seem to keep needing to metaphorically pat this loose-cannon on the head, I very nearly consigned him to the ‘hangers-on’ category below.
Heavily involved with attacking critics of @ExaroNews, Lantern Project and @reflectionsUK3, for reasons not yet completely clear.
Lots of blind-tweeting from this account; the more offensive ones being accusations aimed at the collective targets of the gang; accusing them of ‘staying on social-media all day’, to come up with ‘ways to attack him’ and the gang he is part of – an extraordinary case of ‘mirroring’; he constantly accusing people of something he is doing himself.
He also accuses others of drug-dealing, drug-taking, alcohol abuse, and even sexual abuse of their own kids – Duckworth has no holds barred, or controls, to what he is liable to come out with next; as said, with much of it being confined to angry comments at others that seem to mirror his own failings.
Without too much conjecture about his personal life, it needs to be said that he is a self-confessed binge drinker – and a heavy cannabis-smoker.
Both of these pastimes are not something society particularly frowns on, particularly if partaken in the comfort of the home – but unfortunately for society, Duckworth chooses to imbibe both to excess while using twitter – the result fuelling his worse railings against the targets he’s pointed at by Haydon and Bob.

Whatever else is said about him, at all times he visibly enjoys what he does.

This he published for the benefit of a target; a man who’s babby had tragically died:

piss stained cot
Not nice, I think you can only agree.


The shared accounts:

admitting to shared account.jpg
(@eht_honourables was an account of Darren Duckworths (see above), now suspended)

Various accounts so far suspended – usually named with a derivative of ‘catz’ ‘lolz’ and/or ‘cumbria’..etc.
A shared account, which I personally feel was generated by Haydon – although it has a distinct feminine character on occasion.
There have been a few iterations of this account – all of them suspended by twitter.
Of other incarnations of this account, @cumbriaCatz stands out.
Other accounts similar to this, if not the same as, were 6harddrives, skullcracker4, trustsimon1, trustsimon2, and cumbrianlives.
Sometimes pretends to be a cat..repeats slurs of other group members, and provides peripheral support to the abuse levelled at the current targets of the gang.

Another shared account.
Being as it is such an exemplary representation of the gang in many ways, I have made a separate post describing this account in greater detail, here.
It supports the efforts of the other team members, and in particular supports the harassing and intimidatory blind tweets that pack LollzKatz and Duckworth’s time-line.
This account also can’t help but support the gathering facts that there is a gang of these people, all sharing the same information – all attacking the same targets in the same ways.

Every tweet it makes is targeted, each one aimed to make particular individuals feel intimidated; the rest of the time it’s an inactive automated spam account, much of the spam content being repeated several tweets each through the timeline.

You can glean much from the 77 followers of this account – most of them are follow-back accounts, but you can find the members of the gang all there.

The hangers-on:

There are less than a handful of these, but they are completely generic and don’t need very much said about them.
A very good example is a once rather forward person who uses the account @ScottSouthman.

Not very talkative now, behind his protected account, but had very much to say not too long ago –
– at length, and replete with the same Holborn gang slurs ..but with the finesse and poor timing of a clown running blindfold through a minefield.

Picked from a ‘certain’ pool of followers, these accounts are without exception dull, graceless and uninventive – usually needing prompting by their ‘controller’.
Going by the answers they give to simple questions, it’s obvious that they are coached before being allowed to reciprocate any communication with the target.

I may sound harsh, but in this instance, I am actually being very restrained.



Time marches on, and it seems time is finally catching up on the Holborn gang.

More to come.

Graham Wilmer (MBE), The Lantern Project, and the Undue Disclosure of Personal Information

Almost a year to the day ago, I approached the Lantern Project using their web-site contact form, asking for help to approach the police about a group plaguing the CSA debate on twitter – a gang originally named by Sonia Poulton as ‘team outlaw‘, the ‘leader’ of which has since been prosecuted for online abuse.

I was greatly heartened and relieved that LP agreed to take me on as a client, them confirming so via email.
In the email though, I was shocked to see them asking for any information I might have on Ian McFadyen and Andi Lavery, two prominent CSA protestors on twitter.
Not being politically-minded, and having spent some time on a ‘twitter holiday’, I didn’t realise the then enmity held forth towards both of these gentlemen by LP and individuals within that organisation – namely from Graham Wilmer (MBE) and his son, Rory.

So, I responded and told them what I knew, that I had no idea who Mr Lavery was, and I only knew Mr McFadyen as a nice bloke; such as I have since found them both to be.
In retrospect, it now seems to me that LP were trying to strike a bargain with me; and after I’d approached them as a vulnerable person, too.
LP then asked me for all the information I wanted to take to take the police, to which I complied.
Soon after, they asked me for more information.

Even though they had accepted my data and offered their help, the emails dried up for no stated reason, with even an entreaty from me straight to Wilmer (MBE), on his twitter account, leading nowhere.
As far as I knew, LP were still going to represent me, but I was left in the dark as to when it was going to commence

To try and clear things up, I wrote a private blog to Wilmer (MBE), and asked him to consider various points, and clear up others.
I sent him the password and waited, and waited – the time stretching over 6 months; it only being the other day that I finally got a response from Wilmer (MBE) via the official LP twitter account.
Wilmer (MBE) had finally got back in touch.

Only a couple of days ago, Wilmer (MBE) started to address some alarming tweets at me, asking what my current issues with LP are – going on to invite me to ‘come on down’, in  a way I found to be dark and threatening.
Within that discussion, he decided to publish my private communication to him in full, without a word of warning and without asking for any permission.
He has since continued his attack via his personal account.

I would be very confused as to why Wilmer (MBE) took so long to respond to me, and why he responded as he did, if I wasn’t also holding other information pertinent to answering this conundrum.

I’ll be exploring that information over the next few blog entries.

Suffice to say for now, for a holder of an (MBE), Wilmer is acting entirely inappropriately; especially so, being as the Queen herself gave it to him, as it were.
With it, it’s presumed he should get greater help when trying to do good deeds.
It’s the Queen’s way of greasing the wheels for people perceived to have great capacity to make a good difference to society.

When it is considered, in the light of him releasing my confidential information, that he is also a founder of an organisation that handles the information of incredibly vulnerable people..it is chilling for me to think that Wilmer (MBE) has remained in such a position of trust for so long.