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@Dafta_d, @Holbornlolz and #SurvivorAbuse – What’s Going On?

[edit 26/04/’16:
Current twitter ID:
Darren Duckworth

With the announcement from the Hillsborough inquest, the subject of this entry in the blog has become even more relevant.
Why DID @holbornlolz, and his merry little tight-knit gang decide it was ok to slag-off an entire city of people, with such obvious impunity from arrest by police?
Why did they then use the same network and tactics to start on people who dared to criticise the Lantern Project, @exaroNews and @reflectionsUK3?
Important questions now need to be asked, like:
*WHO was ‘backing’ and protecting this team, during their sickening attacks on Liverpool, Liverpool fans, and on associated support groups?
*WHO is supporting them now? Who is protecting them still?
*Will further revelations concerning this gang lead to FURTHER evidence of complicity between the papers and the police?

From The S#n ‘news’paper, to exaro via police/press complicity, and now back to the main thrust of this blog..
By now, the main subject of this blogpage has become so vicious, he’s become a liability to his current sponsors, and a danger to himself. He’s gone through dozens of accounts, all suspended for atrocious online stalking and abuse.
Having been warned by the authorities, and no doubt his sponsors, he has of late limited himself largely to blind tweets, that accuse his targets of drug use, drunkenness, and sexual abuses against children; hypocritically, this is despite his own admissions of vices such as alcohol/drug abuse. It’s wondered how much more evidence of freudian admission is likely to come forward.
This person has professed to have amassed a large ‘file’ on myself, apparently with the help of social services, local government, and the police – though has not yet shown the capacity to reveal the contents without twiddling his moustache and going ‘MWA-ha-ha-haaaa’, only to once more leave us all agog in expectation.
My prediction on this individual is being borne out – the abuse from this individual has not stopped, and only will when he is removed from all internet-capable devices.
He enjoys what he does.
Duckworth is part of a stalking team, known for victim-blaming, and for attacking Hillsborough campaigners, and now strangely doing the same to critics of Lantern Project and @reflectionsUK3 – how long will they remain protected and at large?
More about that in an upcoming blog, which I’ll link to when it’s written.]

[edit 28/11/’15: since publication, the holder of the Dafta account on twitter has gone through over half a dozen incarnations:

@_dafta (this account still ‘live’…seems to be ‘shared’)
@despicabledafta (VERY short-lived, this one)@daftalolz
 (another live shared account)

@Planet_Worth < Dafta chatted to this account a few times – was he talking to himself, or is he proving that accounts are shared by these gangsters?
Either way, this account was perma-banned at EXACTLY the same time as  and – and please note, both accounts are obsessed with @HolbornLolz; the ‘tokin’ account also showing quite a need, it seems, to chat with Sonia Poulton and Esther Baker, as were most of the accounts mentioned.
Strange, that.
All of Dafta’s accounts were bounced because he kept laying into people, using a social media platform to perpetuate some pretty nasty stuff…
…and all on an imagined premise, as further reading of this blog-page will reveal.
This blog hopes that Dafta is able to keep his latest account,@Normally_Nasty, clean and open.
This blog wishes to extend thanks to Dafta, if not for the entertainment, then surely for the thick spread of very dodgy associations he ‘illuminated’ for us all, during what can be described as a wobbly Dr Who period.
More about this in an upcoming blog, so watch this space. A


This is something of an exposé about the actions and motives of the person operating the @Dafta_d twitter account (his name has been mentioned enough times, and it’ll serve no good doing it again, here), and it is a series of clarifications to the people that might have read my interactions with him.
In part, also, I am hoping that this blog post will prompt ‘Bob’, aka @HolbornLolz (originally @OldHolborn, many accounts ago), to clean out his stables, as regards the actions of a very small number of his ‘supporters’ – who are intent on making him look like a thug running a gang…or like a libertarian who’s part of some kind of, unofficial, out-of-control ‘voluntary association’…?
Whether this highly abusive element is operating in Holborn’s name, is hiding behind Bob’s Old Holborn persona, or whether they are being allowed to hide in his skirts, can only be clarified by any forthcoming combination of declaration, interaction, and direct reaction on Bob’s part.
Because so far, they have done Bob little but great harm.
And so far, Bob has been able to ignore the direct abuse targeting survivors, and others in the #CSA protest community, as carried out by the hit-team gathered behind the mask of Old Holborn…this little gang is, at the very least, riding his coat-tails into the mud.

In this blog-page, I want to ask how ‘Dafta’ – I’ll call him ‘D’ – a self-proclaimed ‘simple man with simple tastes’, has gone from a chap ‘trying to right a wrong’, to a man who has evidently lost the ability to know what ‘too far’ means.
Importantly, also, I’m asking why he has since chosen to add more strings to his bow by stepping out of his comfort zone and attacking individuals online, who he shares no interests with.

I write this with a heavy heart, as even writing this blog-post represents the failings of twitter, and may represent the inability inherent in the act of trying to break through the embedded suspicions that can only be found in the potentially emotional-torn psyche of a person, who has been in an online/real-world argument for over a year – with indications that the person behind said psyche has found loyalty only to be ‘true’ in less than a handful of, apparently, ‘sympathetic’ souls.
Of course…maybe I am just being soft. Maybe I’m spouting pure “moon-bat”, as it were.
You read, and you decide.

To give uncertain readers Some Background to set this all against, then I need to start at the beginning…with the horror of the 1989 Hillsborough Stadium disaster.
According to hysterical reporting by the red-top Rags, the death-toll of this terrible event was the apparent culmination of the actions of football hooligans – when in actual fact, hooliganism played no part in the disaster many had seen unfold, in real time, on the telly and the terraces. This wasn’t down to a few shouty blokes with different coloured scarves, but a series of catastrophic errors by the authorities.
To say any different is, shall we say, buying into ‘Moon-bat’ logic.
This largely-unvoiced injustice drew from an undercurrent of opinion formed around simplistic reports of the violence that had blighted the football scene, across europe, for an embarrassingly long amount of time, up to that point.
With unseemly haste, straight after the deaths at Hillsborough, the police, The Sun – and other papers – decided to try push onto the public, the reprehensible idea that all those dead people had somehow brought it on themselves, and that the behaviour and procedures of the cops on the scene had been exemplary.
Frankly, I remember it was a disgusting feeding-frenzy by the Rags, and later, a sickening and obvious show of collusion between police and press; evidencing a chilling interference by their ‘co-operation’, upon subsequent investigations.
The palpable effects of this show of establishment connivance, and the enormity of the disaster itself, drove thousands of people to find solace, comfort, and defence within support groups.
There it was – the scene was set, and the wagons were circled. Two sides…two completely different ideas of what the truth is, and what the truth should be.
The whole situation was now a powder-keg…ready to blow. Any fool could see it.

2005: Enter stage right, twitter, a chap called ‘Bob’; masquerading as the-then anonymous online construct that Bob had chosen to call ‘Old Holborn’ – now called @HolbornLolz on twitter.
At a very early stage, Bob/Holborn, already showed a patent dislike for the inhabitants of Liverpool:
bob anti scouse
Even so, the Holborn construct was soon riding high on a wave of inappropriate comments, often delivered with a distinctive, and self-excused, “dark Humour”.
His acceptance by the public was increasing, as was his profile. Apart from a few hiccups at the start, Bob and his erudite shadow-puppet, Holborn, were set for the big-time.
Any fool could see it.
You see, Bob was often right, and wasn’t comfortable with the concept of self-censorship – he was at the time anonymous, and exuded an aura of self-belief that borrowed an amount of authority from the applied philosophy of an Anonymous mask, that completed the carefully constructed online persona.
He had a biting humour that was delivered with succinct austerity…timed to perfection and tailored to suit, even if the taste was often notwithstanding.
He didn’t give a bollocks, basically.
People liked that…normal people. He was well received, even if most who found him the funniest, were the ones better able to bypass their moral compass to ‘get him’ and his close-to-the-bone chuckles.
Bob soon thought it’d suit him fine, if he followed the unfounded assertions of the Rags/cop pally-pally club, by having a more personal pop at the entire city of Liverpool…exploring the highly emotive issues surrounding the Hillsborough disaster by describing them bluntly via the boundless medium of biting, acerbic humour.
Why he did this, is unclear…but it gained him nation-wide notoriety, that he himself can only admit, he temporarily revelled in. His qualifying logic was, and remains, circular; his own words tracing the rounded path, with, ” I don’t care what people find offensive.” – leading to, “I am there to upset the apple cart.”
Such a line of logic could allow a guy to justify anything.

The thing is, what Bob found, when he knocked on the door of the city of Liverpool, and tried to carry his polarised views about Hillsborough through…well, it was just as inevitable as the scene that’d surely follow, if a non-believing theologian answers the door to a Jehovah’s Witness with a funny-bone. It was always going to be hell for all concerned.

Holborn was no fool…so what the hell was Bob thinking? Why angry-up an entire city?
Libertarian as he is, and with a flawed coil of logic at the hip, perhaps it was the naive application of an idealistic philosophy that made him alienate the whole of Liverpool?
…or was it just an eye to outrage, that guided him towards the Hillsborough debate?
Only Bob knows what prompted him to step into what can only be called an abyss…only Bob knows, and Holborn ain’t telling.
He knew the explosive elements were already set right in the middle of the argument, and he must have realised that all it needed was the right amount of regional racism, and the right mix of irreverence and perceived entitlement, to stoop down to light the fuse.
What followed, was only to be expected.

In the meantime, in 2012, investigations had come to fruition, to a large extent, that had found that the police had been negligent, and that it was wrong to blame the victims of the disaster. This was realised by the nation, when Cameron gave an apology, to that effect, in parliament.
If the fuse had been smouldering, now it was fizzing brightly.
Holborn, his shocking statements as regards Jamie Bulger and the Hillsborough disaster, his commentary as regards who or what was to blame…and his further opinions on how much an entire city of individuals is allowed to grieve…it could all only start a war that everyone could only regret.
Even at this point, the fuse could have been tamped-down – but even if Holborn wanted to pull out of this death-spiral, there was no way his more ‘helpful’ supporters were going to any more than fan the flames.

A construct based on the ideals of Libertarianism now had the option to change its man-made heart.
It would have cost nothing to exercise the right to choose – the right of any individual, and especially a right of every Libertarian.
All people have a choice, but the philosophy of libertarianism demands it as an absolute right…this, among other things, endows the practitioner with the inalienable right to change their own opinion.
It’s called ‘changing your mind’; when needed. Anyone can do it.
Is it only pride, entrenched self-belief, retribution and bloody-mindedness, that can stop someone from swerving away from a precipice?
We’ve all been there, I think.
Good or bad…was Holborn just an idealistic loner trying to stick to his ideals?
No matter; Bob chose to keep to his stance, as the fuse burned faster to the barrel.

Then Bob’s choices were reduced when his Holborn mask slipped, and his real identity was revealed to the world.
Oddly, Bob had virtually ‘outed’ himself by 2005:
bob outing himself
…although it wasn’t until 2013 that the fuse burned down, and everything blew sky-high, as several thousand people took the chance to personally give him their critique of his performance – and they tried to burn his entire world in answer.
Over the next years, lives have been changed – reputations have been shot and ruined. People have lost jobs, identities have been exposed, and court actions have been common. It has often gone completely stratospheric, and has sunk to depths where grown men found themselves actually weaponising the memory of a dead 8-year old child in their haste to give aggro to her grieving dad:
piss stained cot<<<this, sadly, is one of many.
…not cool, by the way, @Dafta_D – you and your mates should hang your heads for that one alone. How could anyone involved, allow things to get that bad?
What is it that allows an adult human being to justify this kind of behaviour?

Moving on for now: Holborn – in word and deed, he does comes across as a loner, and in essence, this is true; but at the same time, he has a cadre of people that ‘assist’ and ‘help’ him.
As a libertarian, I understand that Holborn believes in the absolutes of free speech – so it is unfair of me to expect him to give a crap about what person decides to throw their lot in with him and his views…that doesn’t preclude him from, rightfully, taking decent advantage of help offered by supporters/followers.
Pertinent to the thrust of this blog-entry, neither should it stop him investigating the motives of some of the more prominent amongst his most vocal followers…especially once he’s had information that should only invite further investigation.
Some followers/supporters are content to do what they can for Holborn – a person they see as one of the only high-profile people who seems to give a bollocks about the opinions of the everyman…but others have better talents, as it were, and choose to offer more ‘direct’ help to him.
Among these is a character called @Dafta_d. I say ‘character’, but unusually for twitter, there’s a real provable identity behind this account.
New readers may be confused by my use of the word ‘real’. To explain – for me, a real person on social media is a person whose identity is provable, and who apparently has responses you’d expect from a ‘normal’ human being.
Such a ‘real’ person is approachable, will respond to good logic, and will at least consider sound proof. Only a psychotic, obsessed, or otherwise compromised individual would be interested in perpetuating bad logic after it has been thoroughly debunked.
@Dafta_d is indeed a real person in many ways. He has perfectly normal responses in many ways also, with an identity that can be verified.
You cut him, he bleeds – basically.

The only trouble, is that D is also acting like he’s been compromised. By this, I mean, that he is acting out of character. He’s literally trolling, pretty nastily, against people that have nothing to do with him or his interests; ignoring facts, as presented to him, in order to do so.
Let me explain…D’s main interest on twitter, is to run interference for Holborn…a good example of which is here:
dafta jumping in
It shows nicely, how he’ll jump into a conversation involving Holborn, and literally troll the thread; often just interfering with the flow, but, to be fair, just as often trying to interject with a valid contribution – something he’s apt to do, when Holborn is ‘in the room’.
His other main contribution to twitter, is to cross-swords within the ‘war of attrition’ that Holborn decided to start, way back when.
As an aside, I literally cringed, when I read through a veritable flood of emails and DM’s that came through my letterbox over the last few days. I will be happy to print them if D insists in any way…but I don’t think he will.
In the interests of fairness, this fight has drawn a lot of crap to D…but somewhere between defense and attack, he has lost the ability to know the meaning of the phrase, ‘going too far’.
Believe me, when I say that D has a hell of a lot on his plate, as it were, without seeming to want acrimony from any other quarters. So why is he going out of his way, to spontaneously attack protestors that only comment about the high-level coverups of sexual abuse against children, by VIP’s…?
The fact is, to be clear, D decided to randomly go to a completely unrelated-to-him area of twitter, and then decided it’d be a good idea to have a go at debaters within the highly emotive debate of child sex abuse.
Why anyone would want to go into such a debate with anything but outrage at the facts, is quite beyond me.
But that’s what D did. He went in blind, seemingly primed with targets and references; a quiver full of pure bollocks for ammunition.
He hasn’t a clue what he’s talking about; either that, or he keeps forgetting the troll-script.
He did the same to me, for some reason only known to him.
I had no relation to him, and had no reason at all to actually want to interact with him. I have nothing to do with Holborn, and hadn’t myself ever tried to engage either of them in any kind of serious discussion.
Despite this, D has decided to interject himself into my conversations on more than one occasion.
I’d show you how he started it, but he has wiped thousands of his tweets recently….so all I can do is show you my first response to his latest account:
As you can see, “nice one” isn’t much to work on, when you are trying to work out what I was responding to, but at least the reader can infer that I seemed to bear D no ill will.

Here’s the second interaction with D, where for some unknown reason, he decided to attempt to provoke me to interact with him on an argumentative level…this is my response:
secondresponse edited
Here we have is something I’d typically say to someone trying to victimise me online. I have said similar things to MANY accounts over time, and they all seem to get bounced, one by one, off twitter.
To fill in the blanks of the tweet response above, I was in a conversation, and D decided to jump out of nowhere, and slag me off. It was blatant.
I had been told this chap was a troll…a fair assumption on the face of it, but, after checking the remaining hulk of his timeline that had escaped deletion, it was obvious that this person largely seemed intent on angry sub-tweeting, and direct abusive trolling.
The conversation, on August 25th, lasted for a couple of hours that day….and it continued again on the 30th:
30th d goading me to start trolling event

The event again started at D’s instigation, as you can see from the response it provoked from me.
This began a stream of accusations, from him, that lasted from 18:45 until past 22:30.
I was, in fact, being targeted and aggressively trolled, by Dafta, again.
The funny thing is, D had an awful lot to say at the time, but, as is usual, decided to delete his tweets…so all you have left to see, is my side of the conversation.
My responses speak for themselves, and most of them provide their own context.

I would ask D, ‘what gives?’..have I pissed you off in a previous life?
I don’t know. Perhaps exploring the other CSA-protesting ‘targets’, graced by D’s unexpected and unwanted presence, will give some kind of clue?
Let’s see…there’s @IanMcFadyen1966 getting stalked and vehemently abused by Mr D:
abusing mcfadyen
his isn’t a rare event, and yes, these tweets were within minutes of each other
I challenge D to explain what kind of sickness came over him, to say such revolting dross to a man who had been abused as a child.
Even so, it happens several times, daily.
Ian has no idea why D keeps imposing onto his twitter timeline. Ask him. I did.
Go look at his timeline, and see if you can find anything that would connect him to D, apart from clear evidence of D constantly attacking him.

Then we have the abuse D keeps inextricably aiming at @DrLavertyx.
The next tweet, should you at all know Mr Laverty’s life history, is a massively strange thing to say, for a coat-tail-riding Holborn-fanatic such as Dafta…after all, since when was any of this relevant to D or Holborn?:
to lav, mentioning rose

The stream of unwarranted bile…it has been constant, especially the vicious sub-tweets.

The subject matter in the following tweet, is not particularly embarrassing for Mr Laverty…although the fact that a picture of him in a pair of purple budgie-smugglers is something of interest to D, speaks volumes on its own:
purple pantie
Again, Mr Laverty has no idea at all why D is constantly targeting and harassing him.
Ask him yourself. I did.
Please note the inclusion of @DavidRoseUK in the first tweet, by the way. Important, you see,  as Mr Rose was a blunt tool that was used to try and destroy the debate surrounding the reports of evidence of institutional child sexual abuse in Jersey. Mr Rose also once tried to discredit Mr Laverty, when he wrote a complete load of bollocks about Mr Laverty, in a newspaper, a long time ago. All CSA-related, or related to abuse in kid’s homes…all designed to make victims of abuse, and whistleblowers/investigators, look like liars.
Mr Laverty, being no-one’s victim, has helpfully ripped the article apart, paragraph by paragraph, here…and has shown, along the way, that our dear old Mr Rose had to have gotten information from bent coppers to do it.
Go on…ask Mr Rose about it. I did, and he blocked me.
Again, some things speak volumes.

Speaking of Mr Rose, should you care to check his credentials, just go to Google, and search the following terms,
David Rose Journalist Jersey Johann. Have a good look through all the entries. I did.
He is suss as they come. All there in black and white, and often by his own words and deeds.
I wouldn’t check his Wiki though – he got caught, ahem, ‘editing’ it to cast himself in a better light. Gawd alone knows if he’s done it again.
Is he doing it again, by trying now to say that he never even wrote the article about Mr Laverty?
A question for another time, and another part of this blog.

So ends the first part of this blog concerning the actions of @Dafta_d. He has attempted to victimise a good few other people within the CSA debate, and is in the process of grooming others.
More details on that when I get back to finishing this off.
Anyways…unconvinced? Then check his timeline. I did.

In covering just this small part of D’s antics, this page has become enormous – although the size reflects the amount of abuse he is involved in handing out on twitter.
In the next part of this blog, I will show how D lied through his beak, when he replied, “you are wrong” to the following question from me:
calling me wrong over haydon
…and I will answer a few other questions pointedly asked of me by @Dafta-d, as well.
I will also show who the, as yet unmentioned, Mr Haydon is, and will demonstrate fully how he is connected to Sonia Poulton, the #McCann debate, and to the attacks against many people concerned with the Hillsborough disaster.
Needless to say, Mr Haydon is also deeply and explicitly connected to the CSA debate, and has been ‘inserted’ into the People’s Tribunal.
Mr Haydon has been trying to hide behind Holborn for at least 3 years.
We think it’s time he was pulled out from behind the skirts.
At the same time, we may as well demonstrate how a couple of other accounts of twitter are overly-concerned with perpetuating the sickening act of survivor-stalking, whilst also being seen to be ‘helping’ Holborn in other arenas.

The question of whether or not Holborn is hiding these wretches in his skirts, or not?
…well, that is a question that can only have one answer.
After all, perhaps he hasn’t noticed them sneering at everyone from behind him?
Will he pull them from behind him, and therefore clean the spattered dross from the Mask and Cloak?

Your ball, Bob.

I’ll be back soon. Believe.
Meantime. let’s see how the housekeeping goes, now that the white glove has shown a track in the dust.


#Sewel, the Troublesome House of Lords, and #BBCbias.

Lord Sewel has stepped-down.
He did this after revelations he had enjoyed the company of adult sex-workers, and had taken powdered drugs up his snooter.
Does anyone give a monkey’s?
Ok…ok…I can see that a lot of you do…so let me put it another way:  Lord Sewel works for a largely-unelected government that is ‘in charge’ of millions of people’s lives. The vast majority of these people take drugs – the most harmful drugs by a very long distance, known as nicotine and alcohol, adding millions to government coffers every year. Also, the society this government is charged with is now one that has accepted the term ‘sex worker’ over more colourful and judgemental vernacular descriptions – a term that in normal use denotes an adult who decides to make a living through literally selling sex. I avoid the term ‘prostitute’ in particular, as I think that particular term is far more applicable to the average politician, than it is to the average person likely to want to incorporate sex into their financial dynamic.
Putting the role of the sex-worker into perspective for a second, I need to counterpoint by saying that media and advertising does exactly the same thing – but does it in daylight without asking us if it’s ok for our kids to see it.
At least your average sex-worker is likely to use a condom, put it that way.
So, in light of the fact that most of the population is taking some form of drug or another, and considering that the majority of people are exposed to someone or other selling sex…well, so what if some slightly sad old bloke decides to see a couple of paid-women, and tokes a few lines of coke?
And what?
Where I come from, old geezers that do that tend to get a pat on the bleedin’ back, and asked if they got any spare viagra.
Your only objection, even as the most outraged Sun reader, could only be that the drugs he took were untaxed.

So, what’s the point?
Let’s break this crap down and see what gives…keep looking until we get something striking:
*The Sun is owned by Murdoch, who owns SKY…keep that in mind.
*The Sun, and similar rags, gleefully pull this stunt every few months.
**such ‘stings’ almost always involve the paper paying for drugs and/or sex workers
**such papers tend to be the ones that have some kind of page 3, and promotions for cheap booze
So, we can dismiss The Sun as, itself, a hypocritical rag with a total Murdoch agenda; one that will prostitute itself to make a poor point. It’s going down the tubes, if only under the weight of its own ironical output.
Nothing too unusual to see here.

*The House Of Lords is an institution that is pretty-much hated by almost every government in succession.
*It is peppered with peers from all sides of the political fence, in an effort to sway it with sheer force of numbers.
*It helps to block and/or force rethinks on rushed legislation.
*BUT…its members can’t be whipped into party-line effectively – what they gonna do? Take the peerages off them?
So, we have a hit. Here is a point at which we can start peeling this Sewel story back a little. Here, also, we can get a better look at the schizophrenic nature of our government…I think we can liken parliament’s relationship with the house of lords, with the way it seems to conduct itself with the BBC.
Parliament hates both…with particular venom withheld just for the Beeb. Again and again, government has tried to control the Beeb…and I am sure it has peppered the service with its own people up and down management and riddling through the editorial. The government had full control of the Beeb during WWII, and apparently lost most of it post-war.
I’m pretty sure this is something regretted by our glorious leaders.

The BBC…on the whole, a thorn in the side of government. It is obviously heavily biased in many ways, especially the news output…but we can’t dismiss all the crap the BBC has uncovered about how we are governed. We just can’t.
It is obvious to a blind-man, that the BBC has been pulled so far this way and that, that is is now showing it’s strings.
We need to look at the facts, and sum up where I’ve took us so far:
*The Sun is a rag.
*The alternative to the Beeb is a miasma of ‘independent’ tv companies – amongst them, SKY snapping at the heels, and Channel 5 actively participating in the war on the poor with crap like Benefits Street.
*The house of lords is a pain in the ass of parliament.
*The Beeb is a pain in the ass of government.
**Both are ‘dealt with’ in the same way, with the complicity between government, and large parts of the press…such reportings often being pretty hysterical and blanketing in nature.
***Both are pecked at and undermined in the media.
***Both have been hobbled by legislation from government – which in the case of the house of lords, has seen the ability of the House to effectively oppose parliament reduced, and with the Beeb, has created loopholes that are directly affecting revenues (non-payment of License Fee due to not watching ‘live’ tv, anyone?).
***Both are peppered with ‘government people’…making their output often torn by dual bias.

Now…I’m no expert on the machinations of government, but I know what I am seeing, when I see a bloke getting pilloried for being relatively ‘normal’ by the dual-standards of a vast amount of the government, and normal by the habits and conception of the larger populace.
When I see massive amounts of media-time dedicated to it, when it at the same time goes unreported that people are suiciding themselves out of getting benefits from the dole-line…when I don’t see a WORD about kids getting tortured at Kincora in the Main Stream News…
…well, as you probably know by now, it makes my flipping blood BOIL.
Sewel is a tool. He may have been a git in real life, or bent in his job…I just don’t know, and haven’t needed to look.
The fact is, he was set up, and it has not only caused a Distraction, but it has also helped chip away at the only thing standing between the Tory bastards and the total power they need to make decisive movements in their war on the poor. That’s just a for-instance; the Tory isn’t going to stop until everything we have paid for over generations with blood sweat and tears has been privatised and sold back to us…they won’t stop until they’re allowed to use dogs to chase smaller dogs into the ground again. They Won’t Stop until we get our act together and vote them out…and the whole merry-go-round of successive same-shade governments will have it carry on – if only in a lighter shade of Conservative blue.
The killing the Beeb and the house of lords is something we will see, if we don’t wake up and see how we’re being manipulated. It’s happening with the NHS as we speak.

I said it before and I will say it again…stay sharp and stay focused.
Read what I said, and look at the facts for yourselves.
Join protest groups, and write your MP.

Just do summat.


@His_mental_case: the Holborn gang’s troll-model

@His_mental_case: the Holborn gang’s troll-model

This post will use the twitter account, @his_mental_case, as a model to help describe the current activities of the Holborn gang.
It will also be used as a point of reference in an upcoming series dedicated to the current status of what amounts to a cancer liable to strike any group or debate.

This gang once concerned itself almost solely with buoying up the opinion of The S#n and the South Yorkshire Police, in so far as trying to divert the blame onto the fans themselves for the deaths of the 96 people who were unlawfully killed while watching a football match at the Hillsborough stadium in 1989.

As is finally now made clear after an enquiry, the reasons for the loss of all those lives were solely due to poor facilities and bad policing; the police action on the day even impacting on the effectiveness of the ambulance service.
The behaviour of the newspapers leading up to the disaster was bad enough, some would say, them having made much money from both pandering and adding to the semi-mythological ‘football hooligan’ phenomena of the mid-80’s, but the actions of those same newspapers afterwards was to have a much worse bearing on the fight for justice.

The papers were waiting, cocked and ready; ready for any aftermath of increased violence ..waiting for the inevitable sales that were bound to follow.
Even as the reports of terrace violence were chased-after and inflated for the ever-more shocked people of the newspaper-reading, 9 o’clock news-watching, UK, some newspaper titles were rubbing their hands indecently.

And there we have the Holborn gang, whipping it all along since 2005.
In effect, whatever the actions or inactions of police, press, stadium managers, or ambulance service, this gang gathered behind Robert ‘Old Holborn’ Ambridge were instrumental in perpetuating the lies about the disaster.

Their part in the harrying of the grieving city of Liverpool will never be forgotten.

Anatomy of an attack account

The Holborn gang is very well known to use psychological warfare, known widely as ‘psyops’ techniques. This is a series of methods intended to debilitate and control a target.
Playing the sound of screaming horses louder than a jet, to force entrenched occupants to evacuate a building, is an extremely blunt expression of the principle; whereas the procedures used by the Holborn gang, though more adapted to social media, are no less effective.

Psyops have been written of widely, and just about any situation can be ‘covered’ by a book or a process already hammered-out by authors, advertisers and stalkers alike.
All widely-available after just a quick search; including a good few books and blogs that describe the use of psyops on twitter.

In short, anyone who can read, and use the internet, can learn to be a highly-abusive individual within a very short space of time, should they be inclined to do so.
It doesn’t take intelligence to be a stalker or an online-abuser, it just needs the protagonist to be deaf to the plight of their victims.

In the case of the @his_ account, the psychological pressure it exerts on the targets is more along the lines of a sophisticated ‘gas lighting’ operation; described in great detail here, with the adaption suitable for social media written of succinctly here.

To summarise the way this technique is used: a method is employed to get the attention of the target, being sure to establish communications going both ways:
his 1 57pm 22 apr 16 723495829957423104

The attack account will then soon change tack, becoming hostile and offensive:
his 2 56pm 22 apr 16 723510747435831296

..eventually making a comment intended to outrage the  target so much, that the target is then compelled to look at the full timeline of the attack account:
his 3 13pm 22 apr 16 723515159138951168

(I only include this last picture as it includes my effective refutation of the publically made slur against me.
I don’t normally repeat the words of my enemies that are levelled against me, as it were, but the above screen shot is too much of an exemplary proof of my point, to leave out of this post.)

Having ‘hooked’ the target, the attack account will then stop communicating with the now-victim. The victim, having human responses, will almost inevitably want to visit the twitter timeline of the protagonist.

Whether it’s to make a report to twitter, or to take screen shots for the police, or just to find out what kind of person would say such things, the target is then further victimised when presented with the full scale of abuse resident on the time line of the attack account:

This situation is made many times worse if the target in any way tries to defend themselves legally, as even if they wish to make a report about the matter to the police or twitter, the victim is forced to find and present ‘offensive’ tweets to be reported.
As such, almost without fail, the only option currently open to ordinary people who have been victimised in such a way, is to personally monitor the attack account for further instances.
With bitter irony, the target is now in the position of being forced to further expose themselves to even more targeted abuse, with the account holder of the attack account being able to sit back and tweet blind attacks at random – knowing their victim is compelled to watch if they want to keep memorialising the abuse.

Stop for a second, if you will, and think about that.
Imagine the quandary; the dilemma for the person who would wish this tirade against themselves and others to end.
Imagine the mental anguish of the person, the victim, controlled by these attack accounts with what amounts to psychological torture.

Where do you go?

Twitter ‘support’?
An automated service, populated more by algorithms than real people; deaf to the honest individual, yet often itself used as a method of attack – prone as it is to malicious prompting, if the way through the arbitrary maze is known well enough, or if there are enough numbers unwittingly prompted to themselves report a matter that’s been believably, if spuriously, raised.

The police? Again, a service prone to ‘odd’ actions..
..or lack of any action at all:

  • In all the years of their documented and abusive activities, the Holborn gang has never seen action by the police that went past a gentle chiding.
    This may have something to do with their S#n newspaper connections; the same newspaper that led the charge to silence the mourning seekers of justice after the Hillsborough disaster – the same newspaper of which it may now be said, post-Leveson, that it is almost certain that forthcoming investigations will find further evidence of collusion between press and police.
  • Legitimate complaints to police regarding a certain CSA service have gone awry.
    Perhaps something to do with ‘intimate’ links of their own in the police force?
    Maybe because entropy has insinuated itself into the police?
  • It took three years to finally bring James ‘Jimmy’ Jones to any kind of account, for his unrelenting campaign against a small handful of people within the CSA debate on twitter; a debate he and his own team managed to stymie and fracture before he was finally recognised as an unrelenting stalker – removed almost entirely from the CSA debate on twitter before being prosecuted in court.
    For 3 years, reports about him to the police stopped at Wrexham Police station and seemed to go no further, while Jones was moved ‘for his own safety’ to several other homes.
    For his actions, he got a small fine; whilst the person who had brought him to court found himself thrown in a cell for contempt.

Looking at the police involvement so far, against the originators of the account @his_mental_case, and others, you can see why so many people are disheartened by a system that allows the guilty to wander around social media like a slavering pack of unrestrained dogs.

So, such is one account able to cast a light on an entire gang.
Just by examining one instance of one of their attack accounts, not only are many of the tortuous methods explained, but almost the entire infrastructure of the Holborn gang is also exposed.

The last damning evidence, and most revealing piece of the puzzle, is the penchant this gang has for slavishly following each other.
Here are the followers of @his_mental_case,
and here are the accounts it follows.

Who follows, and who is followed, is not normally so damning, but the Holborn gang take it to a different level.

I’ll document all fully at a later point, in the near future.

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Graham Wilmer (MBE), The Lantern Project, and the Undue Disclosure of Personal Information

Almost a year to the day ago, I approached the Lantern Project using their web-site contact form, asking for help to approach the police about a group plaguing the CSA debate on twitter – a gang originally named by Sonia Poulton as ‘team outlaw‘, the ‘leader’ of which has since been prosecuted for online abuse.

I was greatly heartened and relieved that LP agreed to take me on as a client, them confirming so via email.
In the email though, I was shocked to see them asking for any information I might have on Ian McFadyen and Andi Lavery, two prominent CSA protestors on twitter.
Not being politically-minded, and having spent some time on a ‘twitter holiday’, I didn’t realise the then enmity held forth towards both of these gentlemen by LP and individuals within that organisation – namely from Graham Wilmer (MBE) and his son, Rory.

So, I responded and told them what I knew, that I had no idea who Mr Lavery was, and I only knew Mr McFadyen as a nice bloke; such as I have since found them both to be.
In retrospect, it now seems to me that LP were trying to strike a bargain with me; and after I’d approached them as a vulnerable person, too.
LP then asked me for all the information I wanted to take to take the police, to which I complied.
Soon after, they asked me for more information.

Even though they had accepted my data and offered their help, the emails dried up for no stated reason, with even an entreaty from me straight Wilmer (MBE) on his twitter account leading nowhere.
As far as I knew, LP were still going to represent me, but I was left in the dark as to when it was going to commence

To try and clear things up, I wrote a private blog to Wilmer (MBE), and asked him to consider various points, and clear up others.
I sent him the password and waited, and waited – the time stretching over 6 months; it only being the other day that I finally got a response from Wilmer (MBE) via the official LP twitter account.
Wilmer (MBE) had finally got back in touch.

Only a couple of days ago, Wilmer (MBE) started to address some alarming tweets at me, asking what my current issues with LP are – going on to invite me to ‘come on down’, in  a way I found to be dark and threatening.
Within that discussion, he decided to publish my private communication to him in full, without a word of warning and without asking for any permission.
He has since continued his attack via his personal account.

I would be very confused as to why Wilmer (MBE) took so long to respond to me, and why he responded as he did, if I wasn’t also holding other information pertinent to answering this conundrum.

I’ll be exploring that information over the next few blog entries.

Suffice to say for now, for a holder of an (MBE), Wilmer is acting entirely inappropriately; especially so, being as the Queen herself gave it to him, as it were.
With it, it’s presumed he should get greater help when trying to do good deeds.
It’s the Queen’s way of greasing the wheels for people perceived to have great capacity to make a good difference to society.

When it is considered, in the light of him releasing my confidential information, that he is also a founder of an organisation that handles the information of incredibly vulnerable is chilling for me to think that Wilmer (MBE) has remained in such a position of trust for so long.













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