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Protected: Preliminary report on most recent #OrganisedTroll activity – 26th April ’15

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Protected: Looking at JennieJenJen’s #HateBlog: Pt 2 – ‘The How’

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Looking at JennieJenJen’s #HateBlog: Pt 1 – ‘The Why’:

Being an opportunist at the best of times, I find myself with a golden opportunity to add some evidence to the #TrollInquiry.
Recent events have given me a (now) rare chance to nail a wriggling example of a hate-blog for you.
These things used to pop up every few weeks…now, not so much.
In the following pages, I will show how a hate-blog works, and how it can be closed down.
I will also endeavour to show how the blog under discussion:
…is actually related to the antics of Poutlaw

Terms used in this post:
Outcast: the name I’ve given to the self-named Outlaw
Poutlaw: the name attributed to the combined antics of Outcast and Sonia Poulton; I’ve written about that here.

It’s not unusual to find hate-blogs scattered around the myriad sites of the interwebs…have a look, it’s true.
While you’re looking, please note how many of them are attacking people particularly concerned with exposing abuses against children, by VIP’s.
Worrying statistics. I’ll come back to that.

I’m an unknown dude, with a seldom-seen blog…so it doesn’t jibe with me, when I get targeted by any bugger…let alone a hate-blog.
As the song says, “they don’t know me like that”…so why the hell am I being targeted? I’ve done bugger-all to deserve being bad-mouthed around the internet…so why me?

This is my point, see? I am a nobody. I am bugger-all to do with anything. I’m not any kind of leader, I am not intrinsic to any kind of any investigations (beyond my own assertions), I don’t run any protests, and I don’t think I particularly need ‘outing’ for any reason.
So what is the point of any kind of dick stalking me?
Let me tell you The Score, if you didn’t already know;

Once Upon A Time….I asked, “wouldn’t it be a good way to distinguish between sock-puppets, and real-honest-to-goodness-people, if everyone were to Skype each other…?”

Such a simple request for a little critical thinking was not expected to elicit 2 years of constant trolling, to be honest with you…but that’s actually what happened.
I shit thee not.
During that time, I was subjected to all sorts of heinous goings-on … ohh man, there was no way I was ready for what hit me from then ’til now.  I mean, why the hell would anyone want to stalk me or my kids?
Never mind that…exactly WHAT kind of sicko stalks kids AT ALL?

And then there are the hate-blogs.
I’ve described what a hate-blog is, on other parts of this blog…but here’s a quick run-down –
These nasties tend to:
*have particular targets
*never substantiate claims with any kind of proof, past out-of-context screen-shots from social-media sites, etc
*doctor Comments; even making up comments from fictitious contributors
*make up comments from people the hate-blog is targeting
*get closed down

Over the last couple of years, I have made a few complaints to a few hosts of a few hate-blogs – said blogs being closed down in short order.
None of these sites were dedicated to just me, but all of these publications had mentioned me in, shall we say, ‘unflattering’ terms…suggesting I was part of some kind of stalking gang (oh, the irony!), and going so far as to call me a paedophile, etc.
Being a singular kind of guy, I have never really logged details of the sites, or taken screen-shots…being as I was using a mobile phone at the time, and being happy to simply send an email of complaint to the site hosts (Blogger, WordPress, etc), and wait for the blog to get taken-down.
This time, I have a perfect opportunity to show how these hate-blogs work…and for once, I have the will to do it, too.

This latest blog, is the work of a character called JennieJenJen…some references for her can be found here.
Basically, Jennie is a tool used by Poutlaw. It is a construct; as far as I know, no-one has met ‘her’ or has seen her face.
‘She’ vacillates between having a go at Outcast, and supporting him…much like the other tool employed by Outcast, ‘Sue Perry‘, as it happens.
Jennie always returns to supporting Outcast, and/or his views, and has always detested me.
‘Jennie’ is completely anonymous, and therefore unable to respond as a real person would…that is why ‘her’ other blogs have disappeared in the past, most likely.

In the next few pages, to be released over the next couple of days, I will go through why the JennieJen blog is abusive, why it is making me feel harassed, and who I think is actually behind it.
I will show how the comments are doctored, and sometimes even fabricated.
I’ll also demonstrate the similarity between the Jennie hate-blog, and other blogs related to Poutlaw.

The ultimate aim is to see the whole site removed…but, as it is hosted by GoDaddy, they require a court order; and that is something I will pursue just as soon as I have finished beating Poutlaw around the head with said site.
This will give me time to prepare a case for the cops, and will leave a testament in place, once the cops are involved.

Repeat after me, ‘I am NO-ONES victim.’
I’ll see you guys tomorrow.


#TuesdayAfternoonChoon – The Doors ~ Riders On The Storm

“…his brain is squirming like a toad…” … is this how the mind of an organised troll works?
The work they put in, you’d think they had nowt-else to do, hm?

“let your children play”
I have two over-riding issues on this interweb, and all its tools and wonders:
*Helping to stop the coverup of abuses to kids.
*Highlighting the efforts of groups and individuals who would prevent/destroy/deliberately divert protests about the coverup of abuses against kids.
The latter includes looking at overlaps of organised troll groups.

This scum will do anything – team-up with anyone – troll any innocent…and they got away with it for years.

Tick Tock…because time is telling.

#ImmigrationCrisis: We Need MORE Learning & Less #DailyFail-esque RACISM

I keep seeing the influx of people in the news being called and ‘invasion’ and such.
Looking around, I have seen lots of comment about it.
I’m writing carefully, because I am very angry, and intend to publish this as soon as I have finished writing the damned thing. I’m going to put references/links/etc in, when I have calmed down.
In fact, I am introducing a new concept; for the longer articles I write from now on, I will first publish a shorter synopsis. I am doing this, so I can retain and communicate the emotion I feel about the featured material, as I write it. I can also publish it much quicker than my borderline-OCD allows, when it kicks in; making sure everything is ship-shape elicits a response from me that approaches obsession.
It pisses the missus off, too.
The follow-on from the synopsis will be written by me as a calmer person.
As usual, I don’t expect more comments than normal, or increased hits on this blog; I am writing all this crap just for the record.

People have already heard the argument that war and such cause people to flee their own countries…war, poverty, famine – it doesn’t matter what the hell the cause is…we have seen the images, when we bother to look.
People have heard the truth of the matter, that the foreign politics of our country, and its ‘Western’ allies, have impacted on countries that have not got stable governments or economies – and we can extend this to the troika-bashing of Greece.
We all should know by now, what drives people to flee their homelands, and look for a better life in a better part of the world.
So why is the assumption, that immigrants are driven by money?
When some chap legs it down the chunnel to the UK, it’s not because he rocked up to Calais in a coach, and decided he wants some good old wind and rain over here.
It’s because he’s already travelled thousands of miles across continents…and suffered god knows what to get there.
Why the hell should he, upon reading a discarded copy of the Daily Mail in France, suddenly decide, “Aw sod it, I reckon I should go back home, me old cocker.”???
You want a guy to turn around after all that shit? When he can virtually see what he set out to get to?
If you think he should be ‘a good chap’ and bugger-off home, on the basis that it’s the best all-round, then I think you are bloody crazy.
You need to separate the fact from the fiction, over this ‘immigration crisis’.
You need to get real…and see the creeping ‘I’m all-right Jack’ bollocks for what it is. It is blatant racism.
If you can come to terms with that, and carry on being bigoted, then piss off from my page…unless you’re willing to read and engage in this argument.

I’ll elaborate on the above issues in the so-far unwritten Part Two…along with the following:
*We are as a species, are prone to under-producing kids, once we get comfie. Our society is becoming dominated by  the old. This is reflected in voting patterns, and government policy.
*The parallels between the North American ‘immigration issue’, as regards hispanic ‘illegals’, and similarly-labelled issues in Western Europe.
*The use of ‘uncontrolled immigration’ to hide ‘bad news’, quell wages, depress the NHS, erode decent working conditions, gain votes for dodgy politicians…and lots of other pretty bad shit.

I’ll come up with more, as I calm down and think clearer.
When I’m less sweary about it.

See you next time.


Abuse at Langton House in Dorset

Originally posted on Abuse at Langton house in Dorset:

Langton House in Dorsetshire was set up as an Adolescent Young Peoples Unit in which Langton House was owned and ran by a company called American Medical International Plc (AMI). During the 1980s.  The unit was set up to cater for children whom were in care with behaviour problems which most local authorities used Langton as a last result dumping ground.  The unit accepted a wide rang of adolescents with a wide range of problems such as sexual and mental abuse that they had endured not just in a family back ground but also in the care system.  All local authorities whom these children were assigned to were being protected from all kinds of abuse.  Local authorities dumped these adolescents within this unit in which local authorities then turned their backs on those whom they were ment to care for and protect.  Every resident whom went to Langton believed that…

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#TuesdayAfternoonChoon – Stagger Lee ~ Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Fair warning:

An amazing song…first sung at me by an angry man who later turned into more of a brother.
It illustrates the view a big bad guy has about himself, right up until he is exposed as mortal, and therefore subject to the same reality as the rest of us.
The bad guy? A metaphor, if you like; describing the part of an establishment that decides it’s ok to abuse the most vulnerable kids in our society, maybe…maybe the same part that then went on to stamp over the screams of them kids, as they hurried to cover up the dripping evil of spoor they’d left tracked over our entire society.
Maybe…maybe the metaphor can be applied to the slithering of the abusers and stalkers trying to prevent good people protesting about the first metaphorical monster…choose your masque.
The reality is what we make it. We used to be subject to the leanings of the newspapers, and of the protests of the middling-classes. No more.
Now we see past the lies and coverups. Now we see the meddling of newspapers, and the inhumanity offered by the strangely-persistent stalkers that target the entire VIP CSA-coverup debate.
Now we’ve got history on our side, and it is most certainly a history in the making; it is not anymore just a book handed to us at school. It’s one we can now refer to, second by second, to work out when we’re being played for fools.
This new history of us is the only true one we’ve ever had. We don’t need to split-off to chase every dog up every alleyway to get to the truth anymore.
We just have to stand together, and show a united front against the worst they throw at us.

Metaphors. Powerful things. More powerful than a thousand years of government, I think.

I hope this doesn’t impose on Mr Cave’s grief, over the recent death of his beloved son.
Our thoughts are with him and his family.

Lenny Harper: ‘No Complaints Against Edward Heath In Jersey’


An incredibly important statement by Rico.
The fact that this reblog, and the original, haven’t been circulated by ten thousand people, is a testament to the efforts of an unusually-dedicated gang who have done much to befuddle and stop the whole process of protesting about coverups of abuses against kids in UK/Jersey.
The fact that @Gojam_i_am and @ricoSorda are still shouting the truth, is a testament to the bravery and dedication of these two people, in the face of outrageous and threatening via stalking, constant online abuse, and even the threat of imprisonment.
Stop milling around, and find your own minds…because good people are bursting their hearts trying to tell you what’s going on.
It Heath is guilty, then let us run through #PaedoJersey first, to find out.

End of.

Originally posted on theneedleblog:

Lenny Harper is concerned that the Edward Heath allegations could be used as a smokescreen to cover-up other allegations on Jersey

Reblogged from the excellent Rico Sorda Blog


Seven years after former Senior Investigating Officer, Lenny Harper, retired from the States of Jersey  Police he is still sought after by journalists and responds to any requests concerning the Jersey Child Abuse Investigation (Operation Rectangle). This is in stark contrast to the disappearing, leaking to David Rose, Mick Gradwell who took over from Lenny Harper in September 2008. It will be interesting to see if Mick Gradwell does indeed turn up to the Jersey Committee of Enquiry.
Lenny Harper has always been there to support the cause of victims of child abuse. Seven years after retiring from the jersey police force his support has never faltered as further demonstrated in the recording below.
Lenny Harper reminds us that…

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