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Protected: Preliminary report on most recent #OrganisedTroll activity – 26th April ’15

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The Road ~ Turin Brakes. #TuesdayAfternoonChoon – #CorbynSpeech #PeoplePolitics

This Tuesday Afternoon Choon is from the album The Optimist…
It’s called The Road – and it’s a hauntingly beautiful tune from a group called the Turin Brakes.

It gets me thinking of when I asked a few Labour MP’s what the hell was going on…why neoliberalism was the only option offered by Labour, and why was there no emphasis on investment in people.
It was a couple of years ago, and my questions were either ignored, or politely brushed-off. I watched many others ask the same things.
This was before Corbyn was put forward as the leader of the Party, and before we had a better glimpse of a far better future.

Now, here we are.
This choon is for for all the Labour supporters who mandated Corbyn, and the road they are now on.
This song puts me in mind of the promises made and all the dreams sought…and of the questions that may now be answered, especially as regards the future of British politics.

Is this a new dawn of people-politics? I think yes.
I became an optimist, just to say that.

Life really is sometimes that easy.


Why have @SoniaPoulton and Outlaw blog both done a runner?… #TuesdayAfternoonChoon #TrollInquiry

The blog in question has returned, after being ‘hacked’, minus the ‘worst’ titles, minus many of the highly abusive and apparently self-written comments…there is now no doubt, that the author has been forced to remove them.
A fair assumption, also, as the ‘hacking’ occurred straight after the blog in question was reported to be under investigation by the police.
This is a brief list of the removed titles – no doubt with more to be removed, as the authorities pick their way through what can only be called a wide-spread web of stalking and abuse:

We hope soon, that other blogs/accounts involved in this case of relentless abuse, are also taken down and investigated…especially these ones:
–  of which, ‘Troll Patrol’, has been proven to be controlled by Sonia Poulton (used to ‘troll’ her self-perceived ‘enemies’, and to help to pave her way into the #McCann debate)…this information was revealed when she herself stupidly 
accidently posted a screenshot of her name as an administrator.
These hate-blogs closely mirror the assertions and abuse of the so-called ‘outlaw’ blog, and are therefore further definitive links to the perpetrator(s) writing it…and of course, FULLY deserving of consideration by any authorities investigating the prolonged abuse perpetrated by ‘outlaw’.

For the sake of clarification, it is my assertion that there are ‘teams’ running all over social media and comment areas/forums on blogs…further, it is my assertion that many of these teams are set in place with the aid of help from the owners of several newspapers such as the Daily Mail and the Express – possibly even with ‘start-ups’ from the more rabid broad-sheets.
These are the ‘teams’ I refer to, in the rest of this article.
Some questions, before you read further, to ready you:
Who else gains from the destruction of Alternative Media, and gains from raising hell in debates?
Who’s feeding all the, later to be discredited, ‘witnesses’ to us all?
Who wound up the #McAlpine affair, and managed to make it look like a witch-hunt?
Who gets all the hits on all the sites?
WHICH Rag is now trying to ‘change their profile’, and now prints support of the ‘notion’ of  wide-scale VIP CSA coverups, but were once actively engaged in destroying the virtually same assertions about kid’s homes on the Crown Dependency island of Jersey?
Ultimately, is there is only one question that needs to be answered?
…are these ‘news’papers reporting the news, or are they trying to make and direct it – thereby keeping ahold of their dwindling real-world readership?
Any question of motive can be answered later…for now, it would be well enough just to remove their influence from all debates.

This is my Tuesday Afternoon Choon for today:
Roger Waters ~ The Powers That Be (You Better Run On Home):

(Lyrics below)

I’ll put the proper links in place, and republish, when I get the chance.

Only a couple of days ago, the apparent figurehead of Team Outlaw (Troutlaw, Poutlaw – take your pick of names they have been given), James R. Jones, was arrested as part of an investigation into malicious communications.
This self-named ‘Outlaw’, and a team of at least 5 other faceless personas, has been a source of abject online abuse for some 3 years – at least. Over a year ago, I watched as the tide of public opinion turned, and watched as the net of @twitter investigation slipped around this ‘outlaw’, and as his entire framework of abuse was dismantled on that social media platform.
He lost his accounts and his many dozens of sock-puppet accounts also. Most of his ‘team’ (like @MFOkate and @JaneRussellSays) lost their accounts also. Twitter had finally responded to countless complaints, and had actually decided to investigate the matter…the process took months.
More harmful to Jones, was the fact that his carefully-cultivated image on twitter had been all-but destroyed.

Not too long before this, as I was making some comment on the Mccann debate, I got ‘trolled’ by an account called @IronRailings. During the attack by @IronRailings, I was assailed by some familiar-sounding accusations…the only place I had heard that kind of crap before, was when they’d emanated from Jones and/or his ‘team’.
This piqued my interest, so I had a delve into the ‘Railings account and timeline…and there it was – open communications between Jones and Railings; only a couple of exchanges – but they were very familiar with each other.
Another little team, with Mr Railings at the helm.
Keep that in mind.
Before long, I was victimised at length on a McCann hateblog.
Keep that in mind too.

At this sensitive time for Jones, way back when he had been informed by twitter that he was under serious investigation, Jones had close communications with @SoniaPoulton, and @LeightonReality [EDIT: the account is now called @LeightonEarly].
His association with Leighton was before he ‘met’ Poulton…Jones and Leighton were very similar, in some ways. Both were enigmatic – with their own unclear and esoteric ‘back-stories’…both appeared with a little ‘team’ of ‘mates’ that were already in place…both were ‘leaders’ of said ‘teams’.
The similarity doesn’t end there…both them and their ‘teams’ disliked me intensely, and for apparently the same reasons. And all alone in the world, @IronRailings had the same hatred for me also.
Not too long before Jones’ infrastructure of abuse on twitter was taken down, he and his ‘team’ got very chatty with @soniaPoulton.
Naturally, I wanted to warn SP that these people were bad. I didn’t really know who she ‘was’ or what she’d written, to any extent. All I knew, was that our exchanges had been frank and friendly…at least, up to that point, they had.
When I saw her being approached by Jones, I thought he and his merry men were going to groom her – as I’d seen them do to many others, by that point.
After a friendly exchange, I warned Poulton about the ‘cloud of ‘socks’ around her. I asked her to have a look at the time-lines of the Jones-team that was currently engaging her. I asked her to be careful.
All the evidence was on the table at that point, for anyone with an iota of investigative want…the endless abusive comments, the ‘leadership’ of Jones – all there on the timelines.
Imagine my surprise, when Poulton rounded on me, and the others trying to warn her. She called us ‘trolls’.
Not long after that, Poulton actually started to call Jones and his ‘team’, her ‘team Outlaw’.

Not long after that, I started getting phone-calls at home.
‘Team Outlaw’ had managed to get a hold of my phone number. This happened when I had complained to twitter about the ‘team’ stalking me with my one and only available face-picture. I told twitter I wanted it removed from their time-lines on the grounds that I hadn’t granted any copyright for its use.
The report form asked for my my phone number. In the small-print, it said that ‘information on this matter may be shared’ with the person I am complaining about…something I neglected to notice.
So, there I was, very soon after, getting screamed at by Poulton down the phone…she went full retard for about 3 minutes.
This was unprompted by me. I had no idea at the time why anyone would make such a scene on the phone, but I was completely shocked that a well-spoken woman could be so nasty.
On twitter, at the same point, Poulton was crowing about this door-stepping-by-phone.
Then she wrote about it in the Express.

In hindsight, I know now that Poulton was preparing for insertion into the McCann debate, as a ‘no-nonsense Journo who’ll deal with the nasty trolls’. She was going to do this, using what remained of Jones’ influence, infrastructure, and blog, as well as her own self-publication.
And that’s what she did – screwing Icke’s ‘The People’s Voice’ along the way.

In hindsight, also, I realise now, that when Jones got all pally with Leighton and his ‘team’, he was actually handing his ‘contract’ over to Leighton…knowing that he, Jones, was busted as regards any comment on VIP child sexual abuse coverups.
You see, Jones had claimed to have had arcane knowledge about shadowy figures in the upper echelons of VIP CSA…he claimed to have actually met a couple of them, even Savile!! He had also said he’d been in a couple of children’s homes mentioned in the Waterhouse report. It was with this, that Jones was able to speak with some authority on matters of VIP CSA coverups.
Trouble is, as time went on, all this had been disproved as lies, and it was fast coming to light the extent of the abuse that had emanated from Jones and his ‘team’. People were finally looking for themselves.

Were it not for the interactions with Sonia Poulton, @IronRailings (the former ‘leader’ of one side of the #McCann debate), @leightonReality/@LeightonEarly (the ‘new’ leader of the ‘team’ monitoring and subverting the VIP CSA debate on twitter), not to mention the associations with a certain Mr Haydon [Edit: thanks to clarification of issues, I was able to remove a name here, and add ‘Haydon’s’, instead] (an ’employee’ of Poulton…a character currently trying hide behind, and curry favour with, Old holborn)…and were it not for the attempted infiltration and takedown of Spivey’s Blog…
…well, it’d be easy just to view Jones as a nut with a couple of nutty mates.

But when a person steps back, and looks at the bigger picture, it becomes obvious that Jones is part of a greater picture of disinformation/subversion/perversion/misdirection/destruction, that is directed at targets all over social media, and blogosphere.

Anyway…with the establishment of such close ties between Poulton and Jones, it’s not a great leap to realise that if one of them is caught and prosecuted, the other will be also. It’s a question of time before one follows the other.
A couple of days ago, Jones was arrested, as I said.
In a comments section of a blog, I conjectured that this could well be the end for Jones and Poulton. I predicted that all sorts of weird stuff would happen, as Jones/Poulton scrabbled to get rid of evidence.
Immediately after, I found that Poulton had skipped town and had done a runner from twitter, and soon after that, I heard that Jones’ blog had been conveniently ‘hacked’.

this choon is for Jones and Poulton.
Both are abusive stalking bastards.
Both are on the run…both now being subject to forces that once seemed to be at their control.
Both now needing to come clean, before the truth is wrenched out of them in a courtroom.

“The Powers That Be”

The powers that be
They like a tough game
No rules
Some you win, some you lose
Competition’s good for you
They’re dying to be free
They’re the powers that be
They like a bomb proof cadillac
Air conditioned, gold taps,
Back seat gun rack, platinum hub caps
They pick horses for courses
They’re the market forces
Nice car Jack
They like order, make-up, lime light, power
Game shows, rodeos, star wars, TV
They’re the powers that be
If you see them come,
You better run – run
You better run on home
Sisters of mercy better join your brothers
Put a stop to the soap opera right now
They say the toothless get ruthless
You better run on home
You better run – run
You better run on home
The powers that be
They like treats, tricks, carrots and sticks
They like fear and loathing, they like sheep’s clothing
And blacked-out vans
Blacked-out vans, contingency plans
They like death or glory, they love a good story
They love a good storySisters of mercy better join with your brothers
Put a stop to the soap opera state
They say the toothless get ruthless
Run home before its too late
You better run – run
You better run on home[Billy:] Goodnight, Jim.
[Jim:] Goodnight, Billy.
[Uncle David’s Great Dane:] Woof, woof, woof!

The #TuesdayAfternoonChoon: Free ~ My Brother Jake

Today, I want to talk about archetypes.
I want to talk about Clive Barker and Plato, and epigenetics, too.
Hell…I want to talk about how I feel about my Big Brother, when I hear this tune:

(Shut up, Ade…play the record)

Archetype…such a mysterious word, with so many meanings; sometimes something meaning ‘typical example’…to a philosophical term to describe a build-up of a veritable plywood of racial memory.
The term ‘archetype’ has almost assumed a life of it’s own.
It’s an old old word…and it’s been applied to make it’s own veneer of meanings over thousands of years.
Along the way, it has picked-up an energy…something rubbed onto it with every use.

When I apply the term ‘archetype’, myself, my interpretation depends a lot on Plato, and his idea that most of what is essentially us, is already formed before we leave the womb.
Of course, I had no idea of what a Platonic Archetype WAS, until I had Clive Barker very carefully explain it to me over several of his fantasy books (The Great and Secret Show, Weaveworld, Everville, Imajica, etc). The rest I owe to Wikipedia.
Clive Barker…that dude saved my life. He provided an escape for me when things looked real bleak. When I started reading his stuff, I was taken from a world built on shit, to a world where our greatest composers and most memorable messiahs were magicians…where an entire nation of faerie-folk could hide in a rug’s weave, and where a lonely alien angel guards the doors of Eden.
Sure, many of his literary assertions are just bits of machinery to hold a plot together, or to make a character ‘feel’ more defined…but some of them still have the power of ancient use. In this way, Mr Barker is a magician himself…a word-crafting tale-smith who takes his readers on a show that can last months.

And this is where I come back to that term…’archetype’.
As I was saying, Plato told us that we had an immortal soul – and it was his philosophy, that that soul is a veritable vessel that can be imprinted while we are still in the womb. I believe he meant that the imprint describes what archetype the unborn child will be part of.
Although he presented this in fora, untold generations ago, the people-archetypes that he knew, he would still recognise now…
The General or The Grunt –  The Shepherd, The Sheep, The Sheepdog or the Ravening Wolf – The Lazy Wastrel or The Driven One –
The Big Brother and The Little Brother.
There’s an archetype for everyone. It’s like a job we are born for. Almost all ancient cultures subscribe in some way to the concept of Fate, and it’s driving nature; the ancestors to the Anglo-Saxons called it the Wyrd, for instance.

Science calls part of it Epigenetics…I’ll come back to that.

Now…Plato was a seriously clever chap – and he was unusual among his contemporaries, due to the fact that he didn’t shag his students; he would rather have a platonic relationship, it seems. A decent expectation of anyone now, but pretty radical back then, in good ol’ ancient Greece.
He really was seriously clever…most of his musings still bear scrutiny today, 2500 years later…indeed, his ideas pertaining to the particulates of the Theory of Forms still cause argument.
He knew virtually nothing of science as we know it now, as everything he knew was only that which he observed.
When he observed people being part of an archetype – people who were seemingly given a purpose in the womb – he tried to relate to us what he was actually seeing…delivering it in a way that can still elicit an, ‘Oh yeah, I get it’, response all this time later.
In the world of Plato, influenced as it was by the mythological imprint of the old gods, it must have seemed natural to think that we all have a predestined path. This is where Plato was different…he said that we might well have a predestined path, all right, but he also strained that we don’t necessarily have to follow it. The gods of his day demanded a price to be paid for such infractions, were a poor soul to wander from the will of said gods…they’d turn you into a spider, or make you stay with a boring fart in Hades, for evermore, for a good chunk of every year.
It seems though, that Plato died on his bed…by many accounts, a happy man.

This is where I’ll diverge from dead philosophers, and outmoded gods.
I think, myself, that there is a universal archetype for every facet of the human soul…we can all twirl that jewel in the light of our own life’s expectations, and see everything for every person; we can be everything that makes a human, human.
But I believe our universal archetype (totem, focus, Form…call it what you will), has the power to draw us back to being the person we were made to be…that I think, is where humanity really sits.
That Form may be monstrous, and perhaps would have been necessary to help a family survive a million years ago…but it may for another person be a Form that wants to help people in pain, for instance.
Leaving the path of the archetype, may be as important as conforming to it…our humanity being described with every move that makes us better, given the time and place where we find ourselves.
Is it the human, who will kill and eat their siblings? Nope. An extreme, I know…but a good example.
If co-existing in a collective of any description is to happen successfully, then it will be at the cost of losing older habits that are of no use now…theft, cannibalism, abuse – all these things affect society adversely; the short-term advantages of inflicting these horrors is always outweighed by the larger damage to society as a whole.

Who are ‘we’, anyway?
For years, I have held the view – partly based on observation – that a child in the womb will assume qualities that’ll make life easier for the babby when it starts out into the world. This view has been borne out over the years, with advances in science proving me right, step by step.
Studies of the human Microbiome are teaching us that ‘we’, within our own bodies and cell-for-cell, are actually outnumbered by the bacteria and other flora that live within us. There is even a kind of direct brain-link from the gut…indeed, the gut seems to have independent ‘thought’.
When a babe is in the womb, it has a ‘clean’ gut, with no microbiome. The first act of the mother to the new-born, is to help pass bacteria, etc, straight to the baby…this starts in the birth canal, continues as the baby is born among blood snot and faeces, and further continues as the baby finds the nipple – taking bacteria from the skin and milk.
Of course…this was all well and good when we were living in caves, but in today’s sterile medical environments, almost all of the steps to colonising a baby’s gut are thwarted.
Hell, Mom doesn’t even chew the food to wean the baby anymore.
Moms know this modern way is wrong…deep down they do. Millions of years of getting it right has imprinted itself on racial memory – it must have.
It’s all down to money, why we don’t do things properly any more, as regards bugs and babies. Just look at baby food…a massive part-food, part-chemical industry that people subscribe to – an industry that puts all kinds of fillers and crap into baby food. It puts a layer between parent and child – and makes us pay for the privilege as we watch generation after generation sicken.
There’s always a price…in this case, with an, ‘I told you so’ from the old gods.

Other advances in science seem to help a person philosophically subscribe to the whole Fate thing…some being in the field of Epigenetics. This relatively new field partly helps us to understand what all the ‘junk DNA’ is in our chromosomes, and partly helps us to understand how bits of our DNA can be switched on and off.
Indeed, epigenetics can describe a genetic response that is ‘alive’ as soon as we are. If you get any kind of abuse or trauma, the body responds immediately to minimise damage to the self…but epigenetics is showing us that the damage/response can actually be encoded in our DNA.
Such ‘damage’ may make the next generation smaller and weaker in some ways, but it readies the next generation for a repeat of the abuse/trauma. A good example is starvation; one generation suffers it, and the next generation comes out smaller and lighter – and needs less food.
See? Good and bad. Good when we live in caves, but bad when we have control over our environment…after all, the second-generation of starved people, in a modern society, will almost certainly have better access to food than the previous generation. In many ways, an epigenetic response to starvation is unimportant when a modern emphasis tells us that the individual is more important than society as a whole. Think underarm deodorant…for millions of years, it wasn’t needed – society and evolution progressed nicely without it. Now, apparently, the world will end if we all don’t use it…even if, conversely, the world will end if we keep using it, and keep subscribing to the modal crap that keeps getting shoved down our throats.
I mean…is our modern evolution determined by what we are told to conform to? If so, we really are all screwed, and are going to be squashed flat and 2D under a falling mountain of empty underarm applicators…like photo’s in a glossy magazine.
We may end up looking good, but there’ll be nothing behind the smile.

Anyway…about the song…the #TuesdayAfternoonChoon.
It’s about my brother, my big brother. It’s about his struggle to calm the psychotic demons that chewed his soul.
He caused so much harm in his life,  even though his archetype was that of The Hero, or The Big Brother.
You could never trust his response – he could blow-up and freak just as much as he was likely to swing in and save the day.
He was made for one thing…but he was pushed by life, trauma and circumstance to be something else.
He never asked to be put in a succession of kid’s homes…nor did he ask to be churned-up in the hellish mill of youth detention centres. He should have been happy in his archetype…it would have led to him being a first-rate copper, or would have led him to run screaming at a hail of withering gunfire to help save his brother-in-arms; death or glory.
I remember the time he tried to face down a car that was deliberately speeding at him…in his mind, he was making a stand against the irresponsible boy-racers that plagued his neighbourhood; but in fact, he found out that his mind needed to grasp that either he needed to jump higher, or that oncoming cars needed to be faster. It was another tough lesson he never learned from…despite the broken bones.
A hero born out of time.
Instead, his life was stunted by the effects of the abuses he suffered as a kid. Like me, he’d seen enough of druggies and piss-heads to know that that was the worst thing to inflict on people around you…so it wasn’t surprising that neither of us went far down that parent-worn path.
But that matters little after a few years of anti-psychotics.

At his funeral, I told the listeners that he was more than the human he was. I told them that he wanted to be more than he showed us.
I asked them to remember his best times…and to remember the hero that he was, when he was given half a chance.
We all remembered that it was him that pulled us together as kids, and it was him that made sure we kept in contact despite restrictions placed by Ze SS.

I loved my Brother…as I still do now. The only thing I really regret, is that I never got to see him being happy for the most of his life.

Anyways…thanks for reading.
Go find your archetype, then fight it or feed it.
Just be cool about it. x

Protected: Looking at JennieJenJen’s #HateBlog: Pt 2 – ‘The How’

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Looking at JennieJenJen’s #HateBlog: Pt 1 – ‘The Why’:

Being an opportunist at the best of times, I find myself with a golden opportunity to add some evidence to the #TrollInquiry.
Recent events have given me a (now) rare chance to nail a wriggling example of a hate-blog for you.
These things used to pop up every few weeks…now, not so much.
In the following pages, I will show how a hate-blog works, and how it can be closed down.
I will also endeavour to show how the blog under discussion:
…is actually related to the antics of Poutlaw

Terms used in this post:
Outcast: the name I’ve given to the self-named Outlaw
Poutlaw: the name attributed to the combined antics of Outcast and Sonia Poulton; I’ve written about that here.

It’s not unusual to find hate-blogs scattered around the myriad sites of the interwebs…have a look, it’s true.
While you’re looking, please note how many of them are attacking people particularly concerned with exposing abuses against children, by VIP’s.
Worrying statistics. I’ll come back to that.

I’m an unknown dude, with a seldom-seen blog…so it doesn’t jibe with me, when I get targeted by any bugger…let alone a hate-blog.
As the song says, “they don’t know me like that”…so why the hell am I being targeted? I’ve done bugger-all to deserve being bad-mouthed around the internet…so why me?

This is my point, see? I am a nobody. I am bugger-all to do with anything. I’m not any kind of leader, I am not intrinsic to any kind of any investigations (beyond my own assertions), I don’t run any protests, and I don’t think I particularly need ‘outing’ for any reason.
So what is the point of any kind of dick stalking me?
Let me tell you The Score, if you didn’t already know;

Once Upon A Time….I asked, “wouldn’t it be a good way to distinguish between sock-puppets, and real-honest-to-goodness-people, if everyone were to Skype each other…?”

Such a simple request for a little critical thinking was not expected to elicit 2 years of constant trolling, to be honest with you…but that’s actually what happened.
I shit thee not.
During that time, I was subjected to all sorts of heinous goings-on … ohh man, there was no way I was ready for what hit me from then ’til now.  I mean, why the hell would anyone want to stalk me or my kids?
Never mind that…exactly WHAT kind of sicko stalks kids AT ALL?

And then there are the hate-blogs.
I’ve described what a hate-blog is, on other parts of this blog…but here’s a quick run-down –
These nasties tend to:
*have particular targets
*never substantiate claims with any kind of proof, past out-of-context screen-shots from social-media sites, etc
*doctor Comments; even making up comments from fictitious contributors
*make up comments from people the hate-blog is targeting
*get closed down

Over the last couple of years, I have made a few complaints to a few hosts of a few hate-blogs – said blogs being closed down in short order.
None of these sites were dedicated to just me, but all of these publications had mentioned me in, shall we say, ‘unflattering’ terms…suggesting I was part of some kind of stalking gang (oh, the irony!), and going so far as to call me a paedophile, etc.
Being a singular kind of guy, I have never really logged details of the sites, or taken screen-shots…being as I was using a mobile phone at the time, and being happy to simply send an email of complaint to the site hosts (Blogger, WordPress, etc), and wait for the blog to get taken-down.
This time, I have a perfect opportunity to show how these hate-blogs work…and for once, I have the will to do it, too.

This latest blog, is the work of a character called JennieJenJen…some references for her can be found here.
Basically, Jennie is a tool used by Poutlaw. It is a construct; as far as I know, no-one has met ‘her’ or has seen her face.
‘She’ vacillates between having a go at Outcast, and supporting him…much like the other tool employed by Outcast, ‘Sue Perry‘, as it happens.
Jennie always returns to supporting Outcast, and/or his views, and has always detested me.
‘Jennie’ is completely anonymous, and therefore unable to respond as a real person would…that is why ‘her’ other blogs have disappeared in the past, most likely.

In the next few pages, to be released over the next couple of days, I will go through why the JennieJen blog is abusive, why it is making me feel harassed, and who I think is actually behind it.
I will show how the comments are doctored, and sometimes even fabricated.
I’ll also demonstrate the similarity between the Jennie hate-blog, and other blogs related to Poutlaw.

The ultimate aim is to see the whole site removed…but, as it is hosted by GoDaddy, they require a court order; and that is something I will pursue just as soon as I have finished beating Poutlaw around the head with said site.
This will give me time to prepare a case for the cops, and will leave a testament in place, once the cops are involved.

Repeat after me, ‘I am NO-ONES victim.’
I’ll see you guys tomorrow.


#TuesdayAfternoonChoon – The Doors ~ Riders On The Storm

“…his brain is squirming like a toad…” … is this how the mind of an organised troll works?
The work they put in, you’d think they had nowt-else to do, hm?

“let your children play”
I have two over-riding issues on this interweb, and all its tools and wonders:
*Helping to stop the coverup of abuses to kids.
*Highlighting the efforts of groups and individuals who would prevent/destroy/deliberately divert protests about the coverup of abuses against kids.
The latter includes looking at overlaps of organised troll groups.

This scum will do anything – team-up with anyone – troll any innocent…and they got away with it for years.

Tick Tock…because time is telling.

#ImmigrationCrisis: We Need MORE Learning & Less #DailyFail-esque RACISM

I keep seeing the influx of people in the news being called and ‘invasion’ and such.
Looking around, I have seen lots of comment about it.
I’m writing carefully, because I am very angry, and intend to publish this as soon as I have finished writing the damned thing. I’m going to put references/links/etc in, when I have calmed down.
In fact, I am introducing a new concept; for the longer articles I write from now on, I will first publish a shorter synopsis. I am doing this, so I can retain and communicate the emotion I feel about the featured material, as I write it. I can also publish it much quicker than my borderline-OCD allows, when it kicks in; making sure everything is ship-shape elicits a response from me that approaches obsession.
It pisses the missus off, too.
The follow-on from the synopsis will be written by me as a calmer person.
As usual, I don’t expect more comments than normal, or increased hits on this blog; I am writing all this crap just for the record.

People have already heard the argument that war and such cause people to flee their own countries…war, poverty, famine – it doesn’t matter what the hell the cause is…we have seen the images, when we bother to look.
People have heard the truth of the matter, that the foreign politics of our country, and its ‘Western’ allies, have impacted on countries that have not got stable governments or economies – and we can extend this to the troika-bashing of Greece.
We all should know by now, what drives people to flee their homelands, and look for a better life in a better part of the world.
So why is the assumption, that immigrants are driven by money?
When some chap legs it down the chunnel to the UK, it’s not because he rocked up to Calais in a coach, and decided he wants some good old wind and rain over here.
It’s because he’s already travelled thousands of miles across continents…and suffered god knows what to get there.
Why the hell should he, upon reading a discarded copy of the Daily Mail in France, suddenly decide, “Aw sod it, I reckon I should go back home, me old cocker.”???
You want a guy to turn around after all that shit? When he can virtually see what he set out to get to?
If you think he should be ‘a good chap’ and bugger-off home, on the basis that it’s the best all-round, then I think you are bloody crazy.
You need to separate the fact from the fiction, over this ‘immigration crisis’.
You need to get real…and see the creeping ‘I’m all-right Jack’ bollocks for what it is. It is blatant racism.
If you can come to terms with that, and carry on being bigoted, then piss off from my page…unless you’re willing to read and engage in this argument.

I’ll elaborate on the above issues in the so-far unwritten Part Two…along with the following:
*We are as a species, are prone to under-producing kids, once we get comfie. Our society is becoming dominated by  the old. This is reflected in voting patterns, and government policy.
*The parallels between the North American ‘immigration issue’, as regards hispanic ‘illegals’, and similarly-labelled issues in Western Europe.
*The use of ‘uncontrolled immigration’ to hide ‘bad news’, quell wages, depress the NHS, erode decent working conditions, gain votes for dodgy politicians…and lots of other pretty bad shit.

I’ll come up with more, as I calm down and think clearer.
When I’m less sweary about it.

See you next time.



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