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The Tuesday Afternoon Choon

I am going to start putting a tune up on Tuesdays. I go see my ma a few times a week, but always go on a Tuesday.
Sometimes I go early, sometimes late.
I’ll put a tune up before I go…starting today.

Here is Sympathy For The Devil, by the Stones on the Youtubes:

The devil…a character. A player.
Frankie Boyle, gets called one, often by those that have never publicly said a word against child abuse, I usually notice.
And what? He’s a comedian…he is a git who sometimes thinks he’s funnier than he is.
Get over it…sure, challenge his bad comments, but don’t freak too much about it.
If nothing else, the offensive stuff he DOES say, opens debate and gets people talking…and most of the stuff he said in the past that was most offensive, was directed against the establishment.

Lord Sewel…another person associated with devilry by the papers…another opportunity for your glorious government and ‘managed’ news press to make their points off the back of a sleazy sting.
It’s a bloody shame there’s not as much publicity given to recent revelations about bent services farming and using kids to be honeytraps for the REAL devils.
It’s a shame the amount of protest given to Sewel and Boyle can’t be translated to the same amount of people giving a crap about coverups of kids getting their lives ruined by psycho’s of the perverted, AND military, kind.

We should all be ashamed…and should all step off a merry-go-round designed only to keep us on it and spinning, while some very bloody important stuff flashes by us without most even noticing.

Anyway, enjoy the song.

#Sewel, the Troublesome House of Lords, and #BBCbias.

Lord Sewel has stepped-down.
He did this after revelations he had enjoyed the company of adult sex-workers, and had taken powdered drugs up his snooter.
Does anyone give a monkey’s?
Ok…ok…I can see that a lot of you do…so let me put it another way:  Lord Sewel works for a largely-unelected government that is ‘in charge’ of millions of people’s lives. The vast majority of these people take drugs – the most harmful drugs by a very long distance, known as nicotine and alcohol, adding millions to government coffers every year. Also, the society this government is charged with is now one that has accepted the term ‘sex worker’ over more colourful and judgemental vernacular descriptions – a term that in normal use denotes an adult who decides to make a living through literally selling sex. I avoid the term ‘prostitute’ in particular, as I think that particular term is far more applicable to the average politician, than it is to the average person likely to want to incorporate sex into their financial dynamic.
Putting the role of the sex-worker into perspective for a second, I need to counterpoint by saying that media and advertising does exactly the same thing – but does it in daylight without asking us if it’s ok for our kids to see it.
At least your average sex-worker is likely to use a condom, put it that way.
So, in light of the fact that most of the population is taking some form of drug or another, and considering that the majority of people are exposed to someone or other selling sex…well, so what if some slightly sad old bloke decides to see a couple of paid-women, and tokes a few lines of coke?
And what?
Where I come from, old geezers that do that tend to get a pat on the bleedin’ back, and asked if they got any spare viagra.
Your only objection, even as the most outraged Sun reader, could only be that the drugs he took were untaxed.

So, what’s the point?
Let’s break this crap down and see what gives…keep looking until we get something striking:
*The Sun is owned by Murdoch, who owns SKY…keep that in mind.
*The Sun, and similar rags, gleefully pull this stunt every few months.
**such ‘stings’ almost always involve the paper paying for drugs and/or sex workers
**such papers tend to be the ones that have some kind of page 3, and promotions for cheap booze
So, we can dismiss The Sun as, itself, a hypocritical rag with a total Murdoch agenda; one that will prostitute itself to make a poor point. It’s going down the tubes, if only under the weight of its own ironical output.
Nothing too unusual to see here.

*The House Of Lords is an institution that is pretty-much hated by almost every government in succession.
*It is peppered with peers from all sides of the political fence, in an effort to sway it with sheer force of numbers.
*It helps to block and/or force rethinks on rushed legislation.
*BUT…its members can’t be whipped into party-line effectively – what they gonna do? Take the peerages off them?
So, we have a hit. Here is a point at which we can start peeling this Sewel story back a little. Here, also, we can get a better look at the schizophrenic nature of our government…I think we can liken parliament’s relationship with the house of lords, with the way it seems to conduct itself with the BBC.
Parliament hates both…with particular venom withheld just for the Beeb. Again and again, government has tried to control the Beeb…and I am sure it has peppered the service with its own people up and down management and riddling through the editorial. The government had full control of the Beeb during WWII, and apparently lost most of it post-war.
I’m pretty sure this is something regretted by our glorious leaders.

The BBC…on the whole, a thorn in the side of government. It is obviously heavily biased in many ways, especially the news output…but we can’t dismiss all the crap the BBC has uncovered about how we are governed. We just can’t.
It is obvious to a blind-man, that the BBC has been pulled so far this way and that, that is is now showing it’s strings.
We need to look at the facts, and sum up where I’ve took us so far:
*The Sun is a rag.
*The alternative to the Beeb is a miasma of ‘independent’ tv companies – amongst them, SKY snapping at the heels, and Channel 5 actively participating in the war on the poor with crap like Benefits Street.
*The house of lords is a pain in the ass of parliament.
*The Beeb is a pain in the ass of government.
**Both are ‘dealt with’ in the same way, with the complicity between government, and large parts of the press…such reportings often being pretty hysterical and blanketing in nature.
***Both are pecked at and undermined in the media.
***Both have been hobbled by legislation from government – which in the case of the house of lords, has seen the ability of the House to effectively oppose parliament reduced, and with the Beeb, has created loopholes that are directly affecting revenues (non-payment of License Fee due to not watching ‘live’ tv, anyone?).
***Both are peppered with ‘government people’…making their output often torn by dual bias.

Now…I’m no expert on the machinations of government, but I know what I am seeing, when I see a bloke getting pilloried for being relatively ‘normal’ by the dual-standards of a vast amount of the government, and normal by the habits and conception of the larger populace.
When I see massive amounts of media-time dedicated to it, when it at the same time goes unreported that people are suiciding themselves out of getting benefits from the dole-line…when I don’t see a WORD about kids getting tortured at Kincora in the Main Stream News…
…well, as you probably know by now, it makes my flipping blood BOIL.
Sewel is a tool. He may have been a git in real life, or bent in his job…I just don’t know, and haven’t needed to look.
The fact is, he was set up, and it has not only caused a Distraction, but it has also helped chip away at the only thing standing between the Tory bastards and the total power they need to make decisive movements in their war on the poor. That’s just a for-instance; the Tory isn’t going to stop until everything we have paid for over generations with blood sweat and tears has been privatised and sold back to us…they won’t stop until they’re allowed to use dogs to chase smaller dogs into the ground again. They Won’t Stop until we get our act together and vote them out…and the whole merry-go-round of successive same-shade governments will have it carry on – if only in a lighter shade of Conservative blue.
The killing the Beeb and the house of lords is something we will see, if we don’t wake up and see how we’re being manipulated. It’s happening with the NHS as we speak.

I said it before and I will say it again…stay sharp and stay focused.
Read what I said, and look at the facts for yourselves.
Join protest groups, and write your MP.

Just do summat.




Another belter from The Slog.
The war on the poor is fought against people that proportionately pay more tax than the average millionaire.
How bloody awful.

Originally posted on The Slog.:

osbeanGideon Oliver Jean-Claude Osborne-Juncker

British Chancellor George Osborne told BBCNews today he is hopeful of a “win-win” agreement between the UK and the rest of the European Union in talks over its future membership. Mr Osborne said there was “goodwill and a willingness to engage” with British arguments. In asserting such things, he is as usual lying to the British People – as he did about his tax strategy prior to the Election. There is no such willingness at all, because the Chancellor is trying to have his cake and eat it with the EU when it comes to taxing multinational evaders. The Slog deconstructs the two faces of George Osborne.

What follows is an account of what happens when a government is working for a few privileged people, rather than The People. Here’s the official HMRC version on business taxation – as dictated by George Osborne before this year’s…

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In Light of the MI5 Revelation, David Cameron Must Apologise to Abuse Victims


Reblogged – at last.
I’m not sure why it took so long to sort it…anyway, my commentary is here

Originally posted on theneedleblog:

Will Black is a writer and journalist with a background in anthropology and mental health care.

His latest book,Psychopathic Cultures and Toxic Empires, examines the corrupting influence powerful psychopaths have on societies. Examples of psychopathic and toxic cultures addressed include those within paedophile rings, politics, finance, gangs, security services, religious organisations and the media. As well as identifying distinctive characteristics of psychopathic cultures, Black highlights inherent weaknesses of organisations built on deceit and corruption.

Will also writes for the Huffington Post


During a period last year when Gaza was being bombed relentlessly by Israel and children were routinely being killed, maimed and left homeless, I had an incredibly moving message from a contact in Gaza. They expressed concern for children in the UK who, they heard, had been abused by powerful people.
Tragically, it would seem that, in addition to roast beef, cricket, colonialism and binge…

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#Kincora, Child Abuse, and the Control of the Debate on Twitter

I tried to reblog with commentary on this important article in The Needleblog, by Will Black…but my lappie or the interwebs are stopping that happen.

Anyway…here goes:


Shared and ReBlogged…damned right too.
Any person who has been in a kids home, HAS to understand how heartbreakingly vulnerable a child is in one of those places so devoid of hope…HAS to understand the great crime against humanity that is perpetrated, when any bastard thinks it’s ok to abuse kids – especially when said babbies are stuck in a strange place full of strange kids…miles away from home and everything they thought of as normal…unable to even tell anyone.
Add to that, that anyone who saw the wrong-end of the anti-Irish wave of opinion in good old Britain, has a good idea of the low public opinion Irish and Anglo-Irish people endured in the 70’s-80’s.
If ‘decent’ British housewives were spitting in the prams of Irish kids in Birmingham ‘in them days’, then I can only cringe in horror, at the low and unworkable opinion the British ‘custodians’ must have had in Northern Ireland for Irish kids during The Troubles.
THAT is why Kincora is important to me…and it’s why hearing that name makes the blood boil of anyone who has ever had anything to do with any kids care-home.
As it is, successive governments have been instrumental in the degradation and breakdown of the care system. When I was a babby, kids homes were bad enough…but now, it seems they are largely places where kids go to learn how to survive on the streets in the best way they are shown and/or allowed.
In my opinion, these place have an awful lot to answer for, when it comes to the misery visited on, what I need to remind you are, THE MOST VULNERABLE CHILDREN IN SOCIETY.
They have watched our kids sell their bodies for money or favours, these Homes have. They have allowed kids to openly use drugs – and I count alcohol very highly in that category, by the very-big way.
Oh lord…these places have been entrusted with parenting the kids left at their metaphorical door, and they have failed in the most disgustingly inhuman way.
WE, as parents, can have our kids STOLEN off us by Social Services, with the aid and collusion of the courts…WE can be fined in the courts for not getting our kids to school on time.
But these kids homes, sometimes not on the map, and often privately owned or run by ex-social workers, are not accountable for what MUST happen to be the very worst examples of parenting we have ever seen or heard of?
These Homes, often part of apparently huge money-making care-home franchises, are reducing the potential of human life to the scrap heap, one crappy unseen report after another.
Can’t you just rail and cry out when you think of the direct associations between government payments to individuals and said franchises, and the amount of kids that are processed through the care system and/or adopted-out? What? Don’t ordinary people realise the level of collusion, between private individuals and government, in the TRAFFICKING OF KIDS in the care-system?
Kids homes…they are destroying our kids, and the society these babbies are injected into.
It has to stop.
Going back only a couple of decades, the thought that ‘filthy little irish beggers’ were dehumanised, and reduced to being nothing but a honeytrap for pederasts and sadists…that they were tortured…just to get some dirt on people that should really have been decorating lamp-posts…
It effing kills me. It is a stuck-fast spear in the side, as well – the thought that there are still people who want to keep it all secret – the thought that Kincora isn’t even considered IMPORTANT enough to be investigated by the IICSA.
How the flipping heck are we letting this go on?

Another point of the article I am commenting on, is the issue of the potential for blackmail-pressure against powerful people; which I thought had become a certain anachronism in many ways these days…sure, there is always going to be some red-top rag or other, paying sex-workers to set-up/own prominent and powerful people, and such – but pretty-much gone are the days, I thought, when being gay, an S&M fetishist, or anything similarly private, was a barrier to a job in an elevated position in an influential role.
It has to be a pretty unforgivable and too-shameful ‘infraction’ against society, that will open someone up to blackmail. Let’s face it. Someone stop me if I’m wrong.
And then, surprise effing surprise, here we are, getting direct evidence that the mandarins of government, have been ‘stocking up’ on the misery of untold kids, in order to OWN an MP/Parliamentary figure.
Am I going effing NUTS? Could bloody HITLER have pulled-out from WWII, writing a nice little AUTOBIOGRAPHY to while away his retirement?
As bollocks like, he would. As bollocks.
But it’s ok for a little pen-pushing dweeb to do similar…himself and his past job made monstrous by the destruction of the lives of the kids he walked over to make a career-deal with psychotic child torturers.
Anyone found trying to get in the way, or muddy the waters, of ANY inquiry into child abuse of any kind – anyone high-up who decides ANYTHING else but justice for vulnerable kids, is over-important…well, they should get strung up by the knicky-knacker-noodles; the destruction of their careers going without saying.
They shouldn’t get brownie points for mentioning the fact a generation or two later.

Keep your eyes OPEN, reader, and spread the word…STAY SHARP.
we have to keep an eye on all sorts of dabbling… all the way from the likes of the Home Secretary, all the way down.
What with her pulling time-wasting bollocks allowing paperwork to be destroyed – I’d say it is now clear that just by considering that point, she is capable of literally anything when it comes to pratting around with, and knobbling, the IICSA (child sex abuse inquiry).
We have to stop letting these bastards call the shots.
We have to start taking more notice of important sites like the Slog, and Needleblog, bloggers like Gogg and such, when it comes to getting verifiable information about child sexual abuse coverups – when it comes to getting REAL indicators of what the hell is going on – not to mention what the hell you SHOULD all be effing pissed-off about, when it comes to VIP’s covering up other VIP’s when they get caught torturing kids.
We have to STOP rallying around bollocks set up by idiots and bastards who are busy derailing and stopping us getting to the truth.
There are people on twitter DEDICATED to getting groups disorganised and broken up…I don’t know exactly why, but organisations/people who are trying to get the lid lifted on child-abuse are particular targets, for some disgusting humanly-bereft reason.
The CSA debate needs to STOP following the crap spread by the likes of teams headed-up by lying failed-journalists like Poulton, and like the self-proclaimed ‘outlaw’ – the very creature responsible for so much damage
For god’s sakes…they have been proven to be actively destroying the debate surrounding the lifting of child-abuse coverups…how on earth they still manage to sway ANY opinion is beyond me. The fact that they have more influence, apparently, than most of the rest of the anti-CSA debate put together, is frankly making me despair.
WE need to get smarter, need to start looking at evidence instead of believing gossip…and be ready for all the McAlpine-firewalls that WILL keep getting set in front of the honest and true hunt for justice.
Like I said before…stop reading my words, USE the references you read here, and in the blogpage I commented on, to find the truth for yourself.
Then get effing angry…then DO summat. Do ANYTHING.
If people can’t do that, then they are no good to anyone.
Sod endlessly retweeting crap that will only ever benefit the newspapers that get money for every hit…bollocks to congregating behind people proven to have an agenda, and are bent.
Sign petitions, draw distinctions, follow and check references, write your bloody MP, follow and help trend an anti-CSA related hashtag…just STOP milling around on social networks, often being worse than useless, and helping to provide sitting targets for the bastards set there to pick you off and groom you.
We need one mind and one thought to consign child-abuse to history.
Let’s just do it.


THE PAEDOFILE: Why Cameron and Clegg must have known the truth about Leon Brittan


Mr Ward is a class investigator, and is a class-act in himself.
I hold him and his views in high esteem…and strongly believe that his commentary has pulled many interested and concerned people into debates they previously felt too awkward or ignorant to comment on. He has stimulated many to find out and verify facts; just as he did with me after reading his articles on child abusers in high-places.
Bloggers like him? We need more…many more.

I can add nothing to his latest PaedoFile article after reading it on his blog, and implore you the reader to read, digest, and circulate it as fast as your fingers will fly; but would at the same time like to express my usually-personal thoughts, that not as many as Mr Ward believes, had financial gain in mind when they accused celebs and high-ranking people of past abuses.
I myself have always seen Mr Ward as ‘old school’, and I have an idea he’s never been used to being wrong much. Despite this, I have seen him swayed, by logic and evidence, to climb down from a standpoint he’d maintained from time.
Fair do’s to him, as although he has a direct insight into the world of a ‘That’s The Way We Did Things’ era, he doesn’t seem to have come away from it with the usual accompanying lasting and indelible artifacts and prejudices.
Remnants of his prejudices still pop up from time to time; like when he’s disparaging of Napoleon as a statesman, or when he keeps, as I am saying, referring to the tiny percentage of accusatory money-chasing axe-grinders, as if they represented anywhere near the actual number of aggrieved accusers we now know to have come forward over the years.
Although I have seen Mr Ward softening his stance over the years on such views, it still makes me cringe when I see him coming out with any variation of it…after all, that kind of logic used to feed the damaging, but widely-held public/guided belief, that a self-described abused person has a high chance of being a lying bread-head, being represented by an ambulance chasing solicitor.
Such views were wrong when ‘That Was The Way We Used To Do Things'; when the same prejudices had police busting kids for ‘importuning’, while routinely letting off the people they caught actually trying to buy kids as sexual objects…the kids who now, ta-da, had a criminal record.
“Get Yourself Home, Mate, You Have A Missus And Kids To Think Of”, should have been a brand to burn in bodies, if you ask me, and not something just temporarily burned into the conscience of some abuser who managed to say, “OhGodImSorry.ItWasMyFirstTime.IThoughtTheyWereLegalAge”, before pissing himself in his car.
Such views are still damaging and wrong in a very wearying way.
Hell, I hate to disagree with Mr Ward so much on any point, but I will, if only because even now this kind of entrenched thinking had coppers cynically acting that kids, getting trafficked for sex by taxi-drivers, somehow wanted or deserved it.
Let’s be honest, prejudicial sullying of the character and drive of the once-abused, was one of the main causes and reasons for the persistance of the great inertia of public opinion needed to be overcome, just to achieve small victories like getting the David Rose’s of the Daily Mail’s ‘old’ brand of ‘journalism’ away from main stream media commentary on highly sensitive child sexual abuse ‘hotspots’ like Jersey. Hmm…nice to see The Daily Fail change its stance, but they did the same with the Natzi’s, and are still slightly right of Thatcher.
I say ‘was’, but it still carries on in the world of the seedier newspapers, and in commentary published to wide audiences – whether it is ‘pushed’ or just pandered to.
It’s time to stop it; time to stop proliferating it…time to recognise it as the vehicle it is, and get it out of the way so we can get on with getting high-level child abusers from under their rocks and into the courtrooms.

Anyway…as I said, please read the original post from Mr Ward, digest it, and circulate it.
Do summat useful instead of reading my ramblings.

Originally posted on The Slog.:

BrittcamayWestminster paedophiles, falsely accused celebs, and the perversion of justice: how May’s NVE legislation will render the Truth ever more remote

One of the many odd contradictions of British life in 2015 is that false accusations of paedophilia are far in excess of the paedophile population…..but the number of political paedophiles is far in excess of those ever brought to justice. The Slog examines the growing desire of the political class to be placed further and further above the Law, and why Theresa May’s proposed NVE legislation is going to make matters far worse.

For the record, I’ve insisted umpteen times that the vast majority of tabloid-police-antiBBC-celebrity paedophile/under-age sex charges (and guilty verdicts) are bunk. In a great many cases, they were designed to:

1. Distract from Newscorp woes and the politically connected guilty

2. Create a belief in widespread BBC depravity

3. Satisfy the opportunistic greed of false accusers

View original 1,196 more words

The case for Jeremy Corbyn


Corbyn For Leader!!
I heartily agree with most of what Mr Ward says here.
Corbyn is the only credible candidate for Labour Leadership; making the other potentials look like plastic politicians.
Labour let us all down by not providing any kind of decent opposition to the coalition of last parliament.
Not good enough.
The Scots were so disillusioned with Labour, they got behind the SNP in their masses.
I am pretty certain that Mr Corbyn is the kind of man who understands why this happened, and how to make it work for the rest of us. An alliance of factions and political entities need to organise and oppose the present government before the Tory-glut becomes manifest with the deliberate dereliction of our NHS, and the quick destruction of everything founded to support the people in times of crisis or need.
Ordinary people paid for the greatest institutions for social care and medical need the world has ever seen…institutions that have been an embarrassment to ‘democratic’ governments around the world.
They’re OURS, and WE paid for them after centuries of being denied even the right to vote.
We ordinary people don’t own factories or businesses, we don’t send our kids to private schools, and we’re not landlords.
This makes our opinion as nothing to the present government – as is reflected in their policies….which is odd, as ‘we’ represent the major part of the population, by far.
Where were Labour when the benefits bill needed laughing out of parliament?
Where were they when the toffs were trying to bring back FOX HUNTING, of all things?
Every Labour MP that shifted uncomfortably in their seats when they were voting for changes that could only reinforce the toff-created MYTH that it is somehow OUR fault that the banks lost count of their own monopoly-money…and that it is US that have to pay for it, I hope those same people have now got the moral fibre to vote for what seems to be the only person in present Labour, who doesn’t them-self look like a potentially-rabid bankster. When I say ‘look’, I don’t just mean the lack of suit, or smugness…I mean the whole aspect of the person.
Cut Corbyn in two, and he’d have ‘LABOUR’ running through his core, like a stick of rock – just the person needed to mount a decent opposition to the present government’s plans to foist their Daily Mail style of ‘big society’ on our entire fabric of society.
Sturgeon can’t do it on her own, and it’s unfair to ask her to.

I was told once, that it is the well-bought Pensioner Vote that decides who plays at being a government – now we can only hope that it is a moral vote within Labour that decides who the next leader is.
Every DECENT decision the Labour party makes in opposition, helps to forestall real hardship for the most vulnerable people we as a society care for. ..and brings us all closer to a time when it is not thought of as repugnant to bring a country off its knees by proper investment in the people that hold it up and make it work.
If Labour doesn’t put someone like Corbyn forward as leader. and soon, they’ll not only have lost my vote, they will also have allowed the most dystopian of futures to come about almost completely unopposed.

Corbyn for Leader…and about time too.

Originally posted on The Slog.:

When wobbly bowels in the wartime Conservative Party and the Foreign Office asked the Prime Minister in 1941 whether a formal alliance with the Soviet Union was entirely wise, Winston Churchill replied, “To rid the world of every last vestige of Hitlerism, I would sign an alliance with the Devil”. I feel the same way about Jeremy Corbyn and the sociopathy of neoliberal ideas.

I should fess up here at the outset and admit that Corbynspart is not someone with whom I’d want to have lunch, if only because he’d want to know the country or origin of every last vestige of food on the menu, and thus we might leave the restaurant hungry. He represents pretty much everything about international-solidarity-humourless-rentacause-pc-precious-muddled Labour that I can’t abide. But then, Josef Stalin wasn’t exactly Jo Grimond either. The point is, before December 1941 the Americans were still staring up their backsides, and…

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